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 Post Posted: Mon Nov 24, 2008 11:26 am 
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Well, this dark day was bound to comeā€¦ I finally tried something with Sadie that she wasn't good at! She is a hog hunting addict, excels at agility, has pitted herself against a coyote and a coon on a trap line, shown strong potential for tracking and even trees squirrels with great form. So I was crushed when I saw my magical Lacy can't do absolutely everything.

On Saturday I took Sadie up to Hutto for a lure course fun run hosted by the Alamo Area Whippet Club. It was actually a full 700 yard, 5 turn, AKC level course. They tie three white plastic bags to the line that dogs are supposed to follow solely based on sight. Well, obviously, the Lacy has come a far way from those sight hound roots. Sadie followed the lure for the first two turns, then some dogs started barking across the parking lot, the very excited barking of dogs that can see their "prey," and Sadie veered off course and started heading towards the barks. I think she thought there was a bay going on in the parking lot! Anyway, though she chased it for about 250 yards, she didn't show a great amount of interest in the lure. She is, after all, used to things that are stinky and squealing and interactive, not plastic bags. I'll petition to tie a little pig to the line next time :p

Because Lacys are never classified as sight hounds, the breed could never officially compete in lure coursing. But I did learn why a Lacy, even one that wants to chase the lure, wouldn't do well in a coursing event anyway. Coursing actually isn't a race, they are judged competitions, and speed only accounts for a fifth of the judging. Part of their score is based on follow, which means never breaking eye contact and keeping their head down and level. Lacys work with a rather upright posture, poised to deal with cow or pig-sized animals, rather than the sight hound follow appropriate for small game. Another aspect is enthusiasm, which is the level of exertion that the dog displays, and is partially scored by whether or not they push into a double extension gait. One reason the AKC and AFSA restrict lure competitions is that only sight hounds have a double extension gait. Just like Tennessee Walking Horses, sight hounds have a distinct gait that is a step up from running. Sometimes a first generation cross will have it, but it is so specialized that it almost always disappears by the second generation.

So, even though Sadie wasn't a dazzling courser, I learned a lot. Ironically, I dragged a friend along that has a Rhodesian Ridgeback, even though he was hesitant to be a dog dork with me, and his dog was amazing! Ridgebacks are classified as sight hounds, and even though she has never lure coursed before, Josey was a natural. All the coursing aficionados were going nuts about Josey. He only intended on running her in the fun run, but she did so well that we went back on Sunday to have her judged, and she earned the first leg of her Junior Courser title. :ymapplause:

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 Post Posted: Mon Nov 24, 2008 4:33 pm 
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That is too cool Julie!
It is amazing what all goes into Luring, I had NO clue. Guess I can skip trying that with Legend...

Not sure they will ever use pigs as the lure..maybe we can get them to just smear some hog blood on the bags? :lol:


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