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 Post Posted: Fri Apr 30, 2010 2:18 pm 
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You've probably heard Fort Bayou Ranch mentioned a couple times in regards to bays on this forum. With Uncle Earl's on hiatus this year, it is the biggest hog bay in country and very active in promoting the sport. Sadly, FBR hit what they are calling a "bump in the road" following their April event. Though the event is held on private property and is compliant with all Mississippi laws ( ... 0947SG.pdf), neighbors complained that the competition was too loud and disruptive. Of course HSUS got involved, though I wouldn't be surprised if they spurred the complaints to begin with, and is trying to turn it into an animal abuse issue. The end result is that FBR was denied a permit to host their Memorial Cup event that was supposed to take place this weekend. They will actually be moving the bay to a larger local arena right down the road, where they've been told they won't need a permit since it is public space, but several groups are getting involved to make sure the HSUS doesn't run with this is the wrong direction.

Here's two local news stories on the controversy:

And here's a press release from the Mississippi Dog Hunters Association, feel free to take action and stand up for working dogs:

Members of the Mississippi Hunting Dog Association,

The Jackson County Planning Commission has denied a permit to the Fort Bayou Ranch to hold Hog Bay events on their private property. An appeal to the County Board of Supervisors has been made and a hearing is pending. Please support your fellow members by contacting the Jackson County Board of Supervisors, as they hold the authority to reverse this decision. A simple email or phone call supporting the Fort Bayou Ranch and opposing the Planning Commission's decision to ban this effent will suffice. If events such as this become shut down, it is probably just a matter of time before fox pens, rabbit pens, etc. are targeted next.

Below is the contact information for the Jackson County Board of Supervisors as well as a link to a recent news cast.

County Board of Supervisors:

District 1: Manly Barton (228) 769-3403
District 2: Melton Harris (228) 769-3170
District 3: Mike Mangum (228) 762-7641
District 4: Tommy Broadnax (228) 769-3457
District 5: John McKay (228) 769-3378

Thank you,

Matthew R. Scott
Mississippi Hunting Dog Association
(228) 209-0631

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