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how is everyone? feel free to post what you been upto.
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Author:  Ron20 [ Tue Jun 03, 2014 10:38 pm ]
Post subject:  how is everyone? feel free to post what you been upto.

been awhile since i last posted been busy job hunting with no luck and other things, me and trav are thankful for this rain that we got. i think 6" total. its nice driving and seeing tanks full and green grass.

about trav the good- he is a happy and healthy pup at 38lbs, learned a new trick pretty much paw, (shake) whats funny is he wont do it in front of people. he doesnt know. he is getting better at being a guard dog my grandma opened up the laundry room door, and a hanger fell. he woke me up pretty quick. now the bad- he does chew up stuff still mostly my sheets. he loves the comforter (spl?) though, so that means i cant use the one gma bought me hut the sheets he doesnt tear up much (and its not often he doest this.. doesnt really obey me when other people are around. but working on that.

i am sorry that i missed the fun day i was dead set on going, then my truck took 1600 from my grandma wallet (broke down). and that took a month of saving to get it paid.
and we made our first trip to pets mart today, i messed up, i got a med harness (that looked to be good and it fit him kinda tight.) but a large didnt seem to work well for him. then the toy section well he picked out one. he did do quite well.

hope everybody and there dogs been doing well.

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