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Blue Lacy as a SAR dog (Search & Rescue)
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Author:  SARdog [ Sat Dec 28, 2013 11:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Blue Lacy as a SAR dog (Search & Rescue)


I have been interested in the Blue Lacy breed for a while now, but would like the opinion of Lacy owners on whether or not they would fit the requirements for my next dog. I do have some experience with the breed (supposed "Lacys" though - no actual registry proof), and understand they can be very destructive, neurotic dogs if not properly worked and stimulated.

I am currently looking for a SAR dog (Search and Rescue). As previously stated, I am somewhat familiar with the breed, but because I have not extensively worked with the breed, I was unsure if their temperament would permit them to conduct this type of work.

The dog must have excellent scenting capability
It must have a high play drive, or prey drive
It must be focused
The dog must have physical endurance
It must be intelligent and trainable
The dog must have the desire to please
The dog must be friendly with other people AND dogs - it will be working in close conjunction with other dogs at times
It must have an eagerness to be with his person, but not cling

I am fairly certain it meets most of the requirements, but I was most unsure about friendliness with other people and dogs, and biddability (desire to please).

My hope is to also eventually get the dog into bird retrieving, agility, and potentially blood trailing, though I couldn't train too much for that while the dog is doing Search and Rescue as the dog must be willing to stay on a human scent over everything else.

There are also particular traits I look for in a SAR dog, and would want a breeder that is willing to evaluate the pup for me in order to gauge its potential success as a SAR dog . . . so I'd need an awesome, honest breeder (for instance, finding the pup in the litter most naturally willing to walk beside the person [while leashed], rather than dashing ahead or refusing to walk).

Please let me know what you guys think, and if you have any breeder recommendations (if this type of home sounds fitting for a Lacy). Also, I don't know if this matters, but I have mostly worked with Dobermans.

Author:  robby [ Sun Dec 29, 2013 7:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Blue Lacy as a SAR dog (Search & Rescue)

Sorry I'm just now seeing this, but to answer your question, yes! There have been a handful that have been able to do SAR work. This is a very new field to the lacy breed, some of the first attempts fell short but we have seen with the right pup and handler they are doing very well.

I also wanted to say welcome and glad you found us! :D

Author:  SARdog [ Sun Dec 29, 2013 10:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Blue Lacy as a SAR dog (Search & Rescue)

Robby, thank you for your response. From what I've read, they did seem like they'd have the drive to become a top-notch SAR dog.

Are you aware of any breeders that currently have pups, or of a specific breeder that has pups more conformed for this type of work (that may not necessarily have puppies now)? I am in no rush to jump at the first available litter and instead want to find a dog with the right temperament and work ethic, but I would like to at least start looking into breeders now.

Looking at breeders that currently have dogs for sale, I found one breeder (Pecan Peak Ranch) that appears to have pups, but I noticed he wasn't apart of the NLDA. Is any one aware if he is a reputable breeder? You can PM me if you don't feel it's appropriate to share that over the thread . . .

Author:  Betty L. [ Sun Dec 29, 2013 11:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Blue Lacy as a SAR dog (Search & Rescue)

Amber and DJ Middleton may still have a pup. I emailed her when I saw your post, but have not heard back from her as yet. They are good breeders and DJ hog hunts with all of his dogs, not just the males. I say that because I have gotten tired of breeders saying that their dogs work, when the female stays at home and has babies! So, Amber and DJ come to mind when looking for a pup that is everything that you are looking for. Or you can contact them thru the members list here on the forum. Bob Lacy also still has a male. His female is a ranch dog. He says that the pup is the smallest of the group, which makes no difference in ability and is a real go getter.

Courtney Farris, will have pups if her female ever comes back into heat again. Her female, Rowdy, is out of a cross of the Middletons, which was a good x. Rowdy is tracking deer like crazy.

Some lacys can be a handful. I have 3, one son has one pup from my Lucy's first litter, Robby has a pup from that litter, plus 2 other lacys. Each one is different, but the thing that I have found in the dogs that I have been around, is that they just have to know who is boss. It took my Lucy a while to figure that out, but she's an excellent dog now and has been for several years, just took a couple to understand. They are generally hardheaded, but again, they need a strong hand sometimes. Then, I have one that is gentle as a lamb. So, it all depends. I also have one that is a spoiled jackass!!

Glad to have you here and we will always be glad to help in any way we can.

Author:  SARdog [ Mon Dec 30, 2013 1:48 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Blue Lacy as a SAR dog (Search & Rescue)

Thank you both for the welcomes to the forum. Honestly, I've done some research on the different registries and have found that the NLDA conforms best to my... principles?... if that makes sense.

My hope is that my breeder will know exactly what their dogs excel at, and whether or not their dogs will match what I'm looking for. I need honesty versus trying to make a sale, and I've noticed with the Lacy breed that their is such a large variation in the type of people breeding.

I am also fairly specific on what I am looking for, so I'm hoping they'll be patient and understanding. It needs to be good at what it does. I need a confident, middle-ground pup (not the bully of the litter, but also not shy) that is ready to please and will stick to me like glue! ... oh.. and did I mention a strong desire to hunt??!

Betty, I sent an e-mail to all three and will hopefully hear back from them soon (they now have a novel length e-mail in their inbox, haha). Thank you so much for your recommendations, and hopefully there will be correspondence soon.

Author:  sarkatteam [ Wed Jan 01, 2014 7:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Blue Lacy as a SAR dog (Search & Rescue)

Hi. My name is Kathy and welcome to the group. I currently am using a Blue Lacy in SAR. I started out with Tank doing Disaster Live Find as these dogs have no fear and their ability to handle obstacles is awesome. Yet there seems to be more of a need for Cadaver so I switched him. I have other dogs in SAR as well and the Lacy's love to please. Tank and I hope to get national certification by this time next year. I started Tank when he was only 7 weeks old and he loves the game. I would be happy to talk to you offline and answer any questions from a SAR perspective

Author:  Cheypal [ Fri Jan 03, 2014 9:48 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Blue Lacy as a SAR dog (Search & Rescue)

Welcome SARdog! :-BD Kathy McDaniel is a good one to talk to as she does already work in SAR/HRD with her Lacy Tank. There are a few other lacy owners that also use their lacys for SAR. Good luck and hope you find the right pup!

Author:  Betty L. [ Fri Jan 03, 2014 1:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Blue Lacy as a SAR dog (Search & Rescue)

Kathy is doing good things with Tank, from what little I know. I have watched him work and I think that he is pretty amazing.

These lacys can be good around other dogs and around people. The main problem that I have ever seen is the typical male dog meeting another male dog. I take Lucy with me to many dog events. Occasionally she will meet up with a dog that will cause her to raise her hackles, but then I correct her and she is ok. She did meet a black standard poodle at one of our events and I dont know if that dog just looked different to her, or what, but she was more aggressive with that dog than any other that we have ever met. Lucy is 8 now and has met up with a lot of different breeds, but she flat didnt like the poodle. The poodle, on the other hand, was just fine with Lucy, so it was all Lucy being ugly.

Most lacys will bond with one person. Lucy is by all means, my dog. She loves my husband, but she is much more attentive to me. My Abe, who I bottle fed for what seemed weeks on end, bonded with my husband. Go figure! He is very protective of me, to the point that I rarely take him out with out Roy. If Roy is around, Abe is not so bad. Larry, my sweet heart, doesnt seem to have a one person bond. One day he follows me around, the next day, it will be Roy that he follows around.

When I really became aware of how these dogs are really bonded to one person, we were at the TDHA's Hunt for the Hungry. Some friends of mine were there with one of the pups that came from my Lucy. The woman was standing close to me talking and the husband was off some where. She had the dog on a lease with her. He was content and just taking things all in. Then, the husband came up and when that dog saw him, the dogs face lit up and he started wagging all over! I saw the same thing happen with another couple at that same event. If my Lucy was tied up across the booth from where I sat down, she would sit there and bark until I moved next to her. She would also back when I walked off with out her, until I would go back and get her because she was making a nuisance out of herself.

Larry has a very strong desire to please. He has been the easiest of my dogs to train and control. The other 2 are a bit head strong. Perhaps if they had stronger trainers, they would be better. We have spoiled Abe to the extent that he is a royal pain in the rear. Lucy is a pretty dominant female and kinda does what she wants, until I get that 'tone' in my voice that she knows she better mind. And, when her nose is working, the ears pretty much shut down. She loves to track and if we are tracking a deer, once she finds the deer, she just wants to keep on tracking. Finding the deer is not nearly as important to her as it is to other dogs.

So, you can see that this breed can be a good breed for SAR. A lot of people have tried SAR with lacys, but failed. The ones that have succeeded have been people who know what they are doing and work hard at training their dogs. Kathy works all the time with her dogs and it is apparent when they are giving demos for us. She knows what she is doing and dearly loves her dogs.

Author:  sarkatteam [ Fri Jan 03, 2014 3:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Blue Lacy as a SAR dog (Search & Rescue)

Betty and Lauri

Thanks for the kudos. Yes, I do work hard with my dogs and honestly the poodle was the easiest for me to train with Tank coming in second. The Lacy dog is really like no other I have ever had. I was very fortunate that this group hooked me up with an awesome breeder who bred for the right reasons and listened to what I wanted. He did the tests I asked him to do on the pups and I was able to evaluate them as well
Lacy's love to range but they come back and check in. Kind of like a border collie. Tank knows when it is time to get down to work and turns on. What I think for any handler in any discipline is knowing how to read your dog. You have that bond and can recognize what is going on with your dog with the slightest change in body language. In SAR the dog is a tool such as the wind, etc. It is up to us humans to interpret what our dogs are trying to tell us or not. I love my Lacy's and that is why I have three now. Only Tank is doing SAR. But I want to promote this breed to the fullest of their ability and skill and educate one person at a time at the truly amazing dogs the Lacy's are. Anyone is welcome to call me 8327123068 or email me at anytime. I can talk dog all day-- AND one day soon I hope to announce the Pride of Texas Litter of Working Lacy's proven in SAR< BAYING AND BLOOD TRAILING


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