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Lacy myths found around the Internet
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Author:  Julie N [ Wed May 20, 2009 3:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Lacy myths found around the Internet

I'm just flabbergasted by some of the things I read around the Internet about Lacys. The worst is seeing how people who are new to the breed misinterpret the information that is out there. As the guy on Facebook put it:

"I like you, became interested in a Blue Lacy after researching the breed online and seeing its great bio...i then realized too late, that's it all 1 bio, written by 1 person, cut and pasted to about 20 different dog sites, since they breed is rare enough that only 1 or 2 people have bothered to write a full description."

Yes, I fell victim to that description as well, as have many others. That is why I work on this site. Some dogs who are purchased under these misleading pretenses, like Sadie and Roush, are lucky enough to have an owner with the time and patience and commitment to stick with it. Some are turned over to shleters or put down. And others end up dumped and dying like the poor dogs in Georgia.

These are real dogs, not a sales pitch. Sure, shipping puppies all over the place to unprepared owners might line your pocket today, but it will ruin the breed and cause a lot of grief for dogs and humans alike. Maybe by posting those myths here and giving a real answer, we'll set the record straight and save some dogs.

Author:  Julie N [ Wed May 20, 2009 3:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Lacy myths found around the Internet

Found on Yahoo!Answers:

"im getting a blue lacy thur and i bought him a ball and a toy tire with rope but i wanted to get him a sqeeky duck but i know they dont like yelling but i didnt know about those toys scince ther are high pitched and i dont think he has any ive never seen one at my uncles before or with rebel (the blue lacy)"

Do you know what these dogs were created to do? Work feral hogs in the Hill Country. Have you ever heard a pig squeal? Have you ever heard the racket of a pack of baying dogs? This breed was practically developed to respond to and become excited by loud, intense noises. If they were scared by a squeaky toy, how on earth would they have survived for generations as a working dog?

And if your Lacy starts developing an attitude, which any good Lacy should, hell yes you better yell at them. If you handle them with kid gloves, they are going to walk all over you and turn into a monster. Of if they are poorly bred, they'll turn into an anxious mess. I've never seen a breed that need a strong pack leader more than a Lacy. If you aren't prepared to be that leader, this breed is not for you!

Author:  MisB [ Thu May 21, 2009 10:57 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Lacy myths found around the Internet

There is this little part of me that gets a little tickled at questions like that along with some of the other silliness I have read online..but the biggest part of me gets angry.

Breeders have a responsibility to educate potential owners on not just what the general needs & traits of the Lacy breed are BUT more specifically the LINE the pup they are getting comes from. And I don't mean bullsh!t hype either..I mean honest to a fault.

There is NO such thing as a perfect breed or perfect dog. A Lacy is just as apt to urinate on your pretty carpet as any other dog out there. Stud Lacy Dogs are MASTER Markers!!! Our main Stud is only allowed in doors for short periods of time and we have to watch him constantly..OR he marks EVERYTHING. This does not make him a bad's not even a bad is in fact what Stud dogs do.....contrary to some advertising and hearsay..Lacy pups are not born house broken or paper trained.

Another myth...if your Lacy is not registered with "so & so" then it can't possibly be a pure bred Lacy ...Papers are not what make a dog pure, working or even blue..papers just tell you who Mom, Dad & the grand folks are..on faith mind you because they sure aren't verified by DNA testing yet.
Responsible BREEDERS tell you whether a Lacy is pure, from working lines and everything else you need to know about the pup your looking at..or at least they are supposed to. However a buyer is just as responsible for finding out this information by asking not just the right questions but ALL of their questions. (This is a working breed and there is a list of right questions & wrong questions for those of us that sell ONLY to working homes. )

I`ll tackle another myth later.. :))


Author:  TedH71 [ Fri May 22, 2009 12:25 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Lacy myths found around the Internet


I've had intact dogs most of my life and only one that ever attempted to mark in the house was my lacy! :)) he was housebroken in 2 weeks when I got him at 5 months of age (he had been an outside dog his whole life before that) and when he was 7 or 8 months old, he discovered marking and was told it was ok to do that outside. He attempted to DO it in the house ONCE...thunder echoed through the house and he never did it again. Even my former rat terrier male never marked in the house because he knew never to do it. I think the main key is to keep an sharp eye on your dog during housebreaking training til the dog is 1 year old and then you should never have a problem. Rat terriers are famous for being hard to housebreak and problematic markers. Never had a problem but it did take me 8 months to housebreak him. I'm considering getting another rat terrier but not right now. Little kids and small terrier breeds aren't an ideal match. I prefer rat terriers over jack russells (even though I like the breed) because they put up a lot more from kids than JRTs who do not like to share and are more apt to wander.

Back to the point, my lacy was neutered at 4 years of age and still considers himself intact! :)) it just reduced his urge to jump the fence to visit the females in heat down the street. The biggest problem I've had with my lacy than anything is his extreme urge to chew anything cardboard (occassionally kids' toys) and countersurfing. I solved the countersurfing problem by putting him outside when we have food in the house or regular meals. Cuts down on that.

I can't and won't tolerate dogs that mark or can't hold their urine/poop in the house. To date the only one I had problems with was a ridgeback/pit/cur mix that apparently was born with very small bladder the size of my smallest finger and the vet said she was never going to be one of those housebroken dogs so she went to a guy who had a dog door and she never went in the house. She knew she had to go to the bathroom but simply couldn't hold it. I also have never had an 100% outside dog. It's basically not allowed in my town otherwise I would put my wife's dogs outside and keep only 2 or 3 inside. :))

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