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 Post subject: First pigs with me
 Post Posted: Sat Mar 20, 2010 1:40 pm 
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Took Bailey out to check the traps with me yesterday (Friday 03/19) and had two in one of the traps, both 80-100 lbs, a boar and a shoat. Bailey was unsure of the trap and as soon as the boar hit the side of the trap she got a little scared. I didn't want to traumatize her so I let my son lead her over to some rooted up areas. She took off on a trail and was about to hit the woods but he had her on a long lead, thank goodness, because I think she was after them. These pigs are tearing my son's baseball coaches yard, hay meadow, and baseball field up. Unfortunately it is only 20 acres and the people on both sides are animal lovers so we can only trap, might cause some bad blood if we shot one and it ran next door and dies on their back porch. I am on the lookout for a small pig to use for training so if anyone near Houston has one they want to part with let me know. I had a couple of little ones in the trap the other day but I did not get out there fast enough and the dang things got the door open and got out, I had to put a new spring on it after that.

Rachael, has Bailey ever been on a 4-wheeler before? I took her on the golf cart today and she got scared as soon as we hit a bump and bailed off. That is an easy fix either way. She is doing great and is really socializing well with the other dogs and the kids. She is the smartest dog I have ever owned. Yesterday I was throwing a bumper in the pool for one of the Goldens and she was watching intently. After I put him up I let her out and just for grins threw the bumper in the pool. She jumped right in, went and got it, and brought it to me. I think she learned by watching him! Lacy's are truly amazing animals.

 Post subject: Re: First pigs with me
 Post Posted: Sat Mar 20, 2010 3:15 pm 
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I think the biggest pig she's seen was about fifty pounds, so a big mean one might be a little much for her. I'd recommend taking another bay dog with you so she gets the idea of what's supposed to be going on and it will help her be more confident. Sometimes having another dog there will just make them click.

No doubt in my mind she smelt those pigs and wanted to follow the scent. She's been following our mock drag/blood trails excellently for a few months. When she smells something she wants to check out, she's off like a firecracker!

She's never seen a four wheeler before, so that might be something to work with. We're cheap and we just hunt by foot or in our falling-apart SUV. :))

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