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 Post subject: Re: Boot Camp 101!
 Post Posted: Wed Mar 18, 2009 4:19 pm 
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I hope Skyy is making progress with her problems but I wanted to comment a little more. The subject of this topic is perfect! Boot Camp. Many dogs need it!! I am not sure how old Skyy is but it sounds like she is very young which concerns me about her behavior. It needs to stop now. You don’t want a year old dog acting like this because you will have many problems that follow the current behavior. Please don’t feel like I am picking on you because these are just my thoughts….

You need to hand feed Skyy but you also need to be careful with it. Some dogs that are hand fed eventually will only eat out of the hand. I am not sure if she eats out of a bowl or if it’s just thrown down for her? There should be no physical corrections in this situation. You don’t even have to say anything to her. Sit down on the floor with her and feed her piece by piece. Touch her body as you feed her, move around her, have other people walk by, etc. Try to present a normal eating environment. If she is doing well with this exercise then continue to feed her. If she growls once, take the food away and bring it back to her within a couple of minutes. Growl equals no food and meal time is over! Being a good girl equals food. This could get frustrating but she needs to learn that food comes from you. There is no reason to be aggressive when it comes to feeding time and if she doesn’t comply with you she doesn’t eat. I would also recommend this to be done in an area where she can’t run away from the situation.

Again, not sure how old Skyy is but she also needs to earn everything. You can do training with her even if she is 8 weeks old. Make her earn her meals. Learn to earn. It can be as simple as saying her name/getting her attention and her looking at you to earn a piece of chicken. If she is older then meal time is a great time for her to learn some basics of training; sit, down, stay, come, etc. As you progress, test her by putting the food in a bowl or on the floor and see how she acts. There may be progress or things could be the same. Either way she needs to learn that nothing is free.

Keep us posted and ask questions. Don’t be afraid to make her understand who is BOSS at such a young age. Dogs want to be followers because as a follower life is easier! But if they have no one to follow they will assume the position of BOSS immediately. Someone has got to run the show…


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