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 Post Posted: Sun Apr 26, 2009 9:48 pm 
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Location: Maumelle, AR looks like Remi is coming into her own and I'm not the only one who is noticing!

First off, I am so proud of her with flyball! The lady who runs the flyball team is always bragging about having Remi, a Blue Lacy training with her. Yesterday morning she was talking to some other people and me; she was saying how she was "so fast and that if we get her on our team..." Remi also did her first passes with flying colors!

Next, the other afternoon, my brother in law and I took her out to get some woods time in and she immediately took off hunting when I told her to "find me some squirrels." Well, she checked like every tree in the woods and then finally treed for her first time completely on her own! We never saw the squirrel but there was a pretty good nest in the next tree over and plus we got out there a little too late that evening.

As for the treadmill, she still gets bored with it after about 7 minutes but I can still get some running out of her until I can get a bicycle leash.

For only being 9 months old she is all I could ever want in a dog and more and prolly a little I could do!

Chris and Remi

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 Post Posted: Mon Apr 27, 2009 4:13 pm 
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Chris, all of that is so exciting, a big congrats to Remi :-BD And to you too. Raising a Lacy isn't easy, but it's obvious you're doing a great job of training her and finding the right outlets for her drive.

I'm so glad you guys are doing flyball and that she is excelling. Sadie had all the right tools - speed, agility, drive - but just doesn't have the personality for it. Yeah, I think we could have worked through passing eventually, but my goal is to give her jobs she really enjoys. There is no question she loves hunting, and it is pretty obvious she loves agility too, and neither one of those activities pushes her past her limits. So please keep posting about it so I can vicariously experience a fly ball through Remi :p I know this is a modern job Lacys will excel at, so the more we can learn about it and promote it, the better it is for the breed.

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