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Hard Truth
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Author:  MisB [ Wed Aug 26, 2009 12:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Hard Truth

I have spent several days contemplating how to approach addressing this..
With the loss of Jagd comes sorrow for more than just our family, I know it hit home with
the Leek's as well. Anyone who had the privilege of meeting or working with Jagd would most likely be moved by the loss.

Hog Dogs, which is what the Lacy has been from the start, are a special breed of dogs.
They have dangerous jobs that require amazing skills. Jagd is our first Lacy lost to a hog.
He died doing his job and doing it well. I know to some it seems like a since less loss or cruel.

I`m sure you have all seen the pictures of the teeth on the boar they caught. THAT is what ranchers and farmers all over Texas are dealing with. The ranch that we hunted that night consists of several family homes, all related, and all older. There is live stock and grand children on the property as well. These beasts we pull off there are a true threat not only to the land but it's inhabitants. That is why they have us come out with the dogs.

Why with Dogs? Because long before we domesticated them they were helping take care of this problem quiet proficiently all on their own..they had a roll in the balancing of the ecosystem. Running dogs is not just sport but it is a very effective means of controlling hog populations.
I wont go into the depth of the destruction feral swine cause, or the amount of money lost due to that destruction on already stressed ranchers & farmers. What I will stress with all my heart is how proud we are of Jagd (and all our Lacy Dogs) for being so willing, and so damn good at doing his job. He left his mark on our hearts and a good dent in the pig population..we could not have asked for more and he will be sorely missed by our family. However we hunt on...Jagd would have will we..and as long as there are hogs tearing up the hill country we will continue to breed for the very best Lacy Hog Dogs possible to deal with the problem.
Thank you all for your sincere words & condolences.


Author:  bghogdogtx [ Wed Aug 26, 2009 3:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Hard Truth

Sorry to hear of your lose. i know what your going throught. R.I.P. Jagd

Author:  D.J. [ Wed Aug 26, 2009 5:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Hard Truth

I was very sorry to hear about Jagd. My thoughts are with yall. I am glad I had the privilage to hunt with Jagd. RIP


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