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 Post subject: 2-2-10
 Post Posted: Wed Feb 03, 2010 10:05 pm 
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Well could not get ahold of Heath or the other when I got off work last night. So I called another friend of ours that has dogs but we dont really hunt with. Anyway I took Piper and Sunny, he brought several of his. We were on the county road about 300 yds from the gate, and I saw Sunny winding, then one of Casey's gips let out a couple of yips, then Piper bailed out the side of the truck while we were doing about 25. Anyway she rolled about 4 times and hit her feet running. Anyway we look up and there is a group of 20 heading up the hill about 400yd from the road on our propert.

We pull over and unchain the rest of the dogs. Was not long before they were on there trial. They bayed about 800yds out 400yds into the woods. We were half way there and Heaths dog Tuff came rolling by on the way to the bay. Turns out I could not get ahold of anyone because they had went hunting with out me and did not have any service. Anyway we get to the bay and they had about a 180 sow caught.

The dogs left and bayed a couple of times but only for a minute. Cal and Tanner ranged out pretty far and were pretty close to the road so Heath and the others went back to there truck and went around. Me and Casey kept walking in toward our dogs that were 400-600 yds hoping they would bay again. All our dogs came back exept one of Casey which was know baying .8 miles with Heath's dogs. So we went back to the truck and went around in a hurry sense I did not think they had a bulldog. We got there and they were coming out of the woods.

According to Heath, Aaron and Chase they had caught a 250lb boar with about 2 1/2 cutters. ~X( ~X They took a couple of pics. I sure wish we had been a little quicker. Anyway they had Heath's pit pup about 10 months old I think, and she got it done. Of course when she hit the bay dogs there helped. Anyway nothing got cut, so it was a pretty good hunt I would say.

Oh when Heath and aaron and chase pulled up a heaths Cal and Sally took off and went to the back side of Heaths and bayed, other dogs went and they caught a 40 lb pig, rolled out again and bayed and ended up catching a 115 boar. Which is a first, there has not been hogs on Heaths sense they moved there.

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