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 Post Posted: Fri Dec 05, 2008 9:26 pm 
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Originally posted on 6/11/07

After some festivities on Saturday, Mike (my hunting partner) and I were way too whooped to hunt. I went to sleep early with plans to wake up long before dawn. We were committed to get one hunt in this weekend. Sunday morning rolled around and the alarm sounded the 5:00 hour. It took us an hour to get ready which should have taken 15min but we were dragging *** and on the road by 6. The sun came up as we were leaving which was a little disappointing because I knew that the heat would come on quick.

By 6:45 we were in Tow and ready to drop dogs. We brought only Trapper, Lucifer and Secret, our longer range dogs. We also brought only one catch dog because the pigs at Tow are not large (remember this for latter) and one catch dog is much easier to handle than two.

The hunt started in the normal fassion, no different than any other. The dogs spent the first couple of minutes "loosing weight", then they got their "willies" out, then they started to hunt. They hunted well, seemed focussed, but showed no signs that there were a distinguishable pig track on the place. Mike, Kass and I didn't see a single fresh sign either. The feeders had rotten corn piled up under them, bad sign!

By 10:00 we were on the last leg of our loop around the property. Mike and I had given up hope of striking. It was getting hot, we were sweating, and the dogs were mostly just walking about 100yards ahead of us in the road. They were still sniffing but not really hunting.

Then it happened. Those three tuckered out Lacy dogs, as if they were one, threw their heads up and checked the wind, found nothing and slammed their noses to the ground. That was it, a track. The three of them busted off into the woods with a cross wind slightly to their backs, FULL SPEED AHEAD, NOSE TO THE GROUND! Within minutes we heard the loudest strike that either of us has ever witnessed. All three of them got there at the same time, all three sounded off at the same time. The woods went from dead silence to full cry in an instant. They were 300+ yards off but the sound resienated off of a hillside with mucho gusto.

It was obvious from the sound that the dogs had him hemmed up solid so we worked our way to the bay at a mild pace. Diva (Kass's little red nosed pit) was totally fired up and pulling as hard as she could. Mike cut her loose from about 30 yards and she hit like a freight train. The pig shook his head a couple of times and then the ****dest thing happened. The dogs went silent, and the waist tall grass began to part in our direction. UH OH!

As the pig ran by, a couple of things became pretty apparent!
#1. This was defenatly the biggest pig to ever come off of this property.
#2. His newly aquired 45lb earing, Diva, neither touched the ground or slowed him down.

S#!T, Now what? We have a pig with our catch dog stuck to him like a wart, 3 Lacy's on his butt, and no way to find him unless he stops so that the Lacy's can bay him again. For those of you who don't know, that is a pretty desperate feeling because if he looses the Lacy's, we would never get Diva back.

After a minute, we got a locater bark and moved to it as fast as we could. Then another, but they had moved and I was off course. Left turn, post haste! Now I was running as fast as I could through waist high grass in the middle of the woods in a new direction. Again I stopped to listen and in time, another locater bark. this time to my right. Run a little farther and stopped to listen again but nothing. Then I heard a splash! They were at the pond, about 600yards from where they bayed him originally and still about 200 yards from me. This would be his last stand but we had to get there fast. Dogs vs. Pig in big water is any body's game!

I got to the pond and my wallet was already out of my packet. I threw it on the ground at the edge of the tank and proceeded in. I was at about knee deep when Mike arrived from my left. HOLLY ***! He is drowning Diva! All that was above water was the pigs nose and 3 Lacy heads but we you could still see Diva struggling to hold on UNDER WATER! Finally she let go. It was the first time in her life that she ever quit. And although I was not sure if I felt more desperate with her drowning or in my new situation......... swimming, unable to touch bottom, towards 200+lb of VERY ****** off boar, I was certainly glad that she didn't give up the ghost that way.

Mr. Pig decided that he needed to swim to the tanks edge now that he didn't have an anchor attached to his ear, and he made it, even fighting the Lacy's the whole way. When they got to waters edge, he put up one hell of a fight. In the mean time, Diva made it back to shore also but she had made landfall about 15 yards away from everyone else. When I came up, he was facing the bank. Our Bay dogs were not letting him out. Suddenly, he realized that I was coming up behind him in knee deep water. He turned around and charged. Diva gave it one last go and hit him again about 3 feet in front of me. There was not much energy left in the little girl and she didn't hit hard but she hit a bulls eye, right on the ear and turned him just long enough so that I could get a leg.

Mike had come around the tank and met me at shore. he got the other leg and helped me pull him out. He was even good enough to hold Mr. Pig down so that my tired, wet butt could take a slow stroll to get the truck and hobbles.

Kass, Mikes daughter was there too and I imagine that she was his shadow during this whole thing but I cant be sure because I don't know where she was. I don't know where Mike was for that matter. I do know that it was a great hunt for her because she has recently been convinced that she brings bad luck. She is a trooper, never complains, loves her dogs and the hunt and participates in every way imaginable. In fact, she is just as good a partner as any I have hunted with. I am sure that she had just as much fun as I did and I am sure that she is just as proud of HER catch dog as I am.

I don't know about the other dogs but I stopped counting Lucifer's cuts at 6! None of them were serious, all punctures. Today his head (which sustained 3 cuts) is swollen up like a melon.

The pig was not the biggest that we have ever caught. I think that he was the baddest though. He fought till the end. The dogs may have prevailed but that is not to be held against him. Rather, that is to be credited to our dogs!


Pigs evolved with ears so that my dogs would have a handle.

Remember the dog wags the pedigree and the reverse is not true.

16, intelligent and articulate, I'm a fan!

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