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Found a possible Lacy in Ohio
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Author:  bill254laura467 [ Thu Jun 07, 2012 5:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Found a possible Lacy in Ohio

HI! My Name is Laura and I am new to the forums! My hubby Bill found Rudy on March 28 on a rural road near us as a stray. He got him into his van and brought him home. Rudy was skinny and you could tell he had been starving for awhile. Bill wanted to keep him and I decided to look for owners. We originally thought Rudy was a Rotweiller/Shepherd mix but it never sounded right. Bill got the flu soon afterward and guess who got stuck caring for a 5 month old pulling jumping rough and tumble puppy! We made it thru some major hiccups in the last 2 mo.! Anyway, a lady at our vet office thought he might be a Lacy. He looks identical to the Lacy pics I have seen online! All I can figure is that someone here in our area got him for deer tracking and hunting or to work on a farm. Ruby is sweet and full of energy! He runs like crazy and was trying to "herd" us like I saw Lacys do on online videos.
At this point, we are still holding on to him for now. He knows his new name -Rudy, come, sit. and shake. He is housebroken. Recently, he has been spending alot of time outdoors because he just can't seem to handle life in the house. When he is full of energy, he wants to go go go and be entertained! We just lost a Black Lab/ Aussie Shepherd mix last summer. Percy was Mr. Intelligence and Mr.Gentleman. He learned really easy and was so tame natured!He didn't seem to mind just lying at our feet while we did things. Rudy wants to be in on everything!
That said.... MY hubby works full time and the task to training Ruby is seeming to fall to me. I want to get him to stay, lay down, go to bed and walk on a lease without pulling me down the street. I am mainly coming here for support at this point BUT I don't know if we can give Ruby what he needs when he gets older and wants to go more. So I may be asking for help with a new home soon. It's kinda up in the air cause I think my hubby wants it to work out and I do in a way but I also want what is best for Rudy. ( I am having to motivate myself now to train him!)
Is there any certain dog training method that anyone would recommend for this? And does anyone know of a breeder/ trainer for Lacys in Ohio or the surrounding states? Just in case, we need it in the future. Thanks, Laura

Author:  Rachael Connally [ Thu Jun 07, 2012 8:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Found a possible Lacy in Ohio

Hi there, welcome to the forums!
I'm not much for the new/modern dog training methods, but I have been training dogs all my life and I don't need a clicker for it, lol. You need to focus on asserting yourself as the pack leader and offering a balance of exercise and down time.

I would start by leash training him so you can take him on walks. I always use a choke chain when taking any of my dogs to a city/urban area because they have tendency to want to go after things. If the dog only weighs about 30lbs, a normal choke chain should be fine, but if the dog is strong enough to literally pull you, buy him a choke chain with prongs that will force him to listen to your guidance while on lead. Once he gets used to obeying you as the leader while on lead, switch him to a regular choke chain where you can gently "pop" him to correct any misbehavior. Make sure to remember that the point of a choke chain is NEVER to choke the dog into listening, but to correct the dog's behavior gently. When he pulls ahead of you, give a sharp yank back, but don't let him choke himself on the end of the lead.

Next, make sure you crystallize your training of "calm down" commands, like sit, lie down, ect. Teach him that when he sits and is calm when you want him to be, he will eventually get to play and exercise. If you reinforce these commands enough (give treats when the dog sits and force him to hold it) you should be able to stop the dog in the middle of whatever he is doing and ask him to sit and be calm.

Now, the other side of that is exercise. What do you currently do with the dog? I would suggest walks and jogs, fetch, frisbee, and any other activity you can do in your backyard as a good starting point. If that doesn't calm him down any, you may consider looking into a more time-consuming and energy-burning activity such as agility or flyball. Plenty of Lacys live indoors comfortably, although they all have an outlet for their energy outdoors. My oldest dog is perfectly content to lie on the kitchen floor for hours on end, but he knows that as soon as we load him up in the truck that he is going to get to work. If you want the dog inside, you need to teach him that indoors is a calm place and the backyard is a play place.

Please post some pictures, too :) We'd love to see your pup.

Author:  CAMO [ Thu Jun 07, 2012 9:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Found a possible Lacy in Ohio

Welcome sounds like Racheal has it covered. Post up some pictures if you get a chance would like to see your pup.

Author:  bill254laura467 [ Fri Jun 08, 2012 4:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Found a possible Lacy in Ohio

Thanks for the welcome and the advice. Rudy is now almost 8 months old! He is sweet and I am trying to train him in sit stay come starting tomorrow and walking him at least once daily. I know he may need more exercise at this point but I am out of shape and I don't want to overwhelm myself either. I hope to move to 2 walks a day within the next two weeks. As for the choke chains, we bought a harness 2 weeks ago that goes over the front of his body. My hubby used it once and said it was like night and day! So I am having my hubby, Rudy , and I take a walk tomorrow and Sunday together so my hubby can show me how it works and how to get it on Rudy again. Then Monday morning, I am going to do it alone! Then I am believing for success once every morning next week alone. My hubby works 40 hours a week and is going to be remodeling our house this summer so the training is going to fall primarily to me! I am a sub teacher so I am off for the summer. I feel excited but nervous alittle because this is a total unknown for me. (Esp. with Rudy being so old.) I will try to post pics soon. He is a tri-colored Lacy from pics I have seen on the internet! He looks just like them. Thanks for the input and please be praying for us to be successful.
Do any of you know of Lacy dog trainers in Ohio?

Author:  robby [ Fri Jun 08, 2012 10:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Found a possible Lacy in Ohio

If he starts pulling you where he wants to go while on your walks, stop, turn and start walking in the opposite direction. This will show him that he is not the one that gets to lead. Soon he learn that is more about following you instead of pulling you in places he wants to take you. The only draw back is you might not make it very far on your first few walks. :))

Author:  bill254laura467 [ Sat Jun 09, 2012 12:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Found a possible Lacy in Ohio

Thanks for all the advice. My hubby and I had a good conversation in the middle of the night last night. It is coming up on the one year anniversary of our dog Percy's death last year. I am crying a lot missing him. I know Bill misses him but it seems he has dealt with it better than me. I realize now that I have hesitated to get close to Ruby cause I am not over the loss of our last dog. I am also realizing that Rudy will need more than we can give him. I need to get into shape and take walks with him. I need the exercise. I need to train him so we can live with him and have him ready for a new home. BUT I have plans to work full time in the fall as a teacher if I can find a job and I am not interested in advanced training a dog and all that. My hubby said it would break his heart to see Rudy go but if it was a good home. The way my heart is now I would place Rudy with another person who was willing to work him and train him in a heartbeat. I don't think that I am ready for another dog yet. I am not over losing the last one. My hubby wants this to work and I don't even want to attach myself to Rudy beyond what I all ready have. Plus Bill works full time and is working in the yard even now and it's up to me to train the dog. So please think of us. If any one knows of a good home that would take Rudy please contact me via here. I am willing to travel if it is of benefit to Rudy.
Plus does any one know of any lacy dog rescues on the East coast or Midwest? I want to place him with someone who knows what they are doing with his breed cause I won't just put him in a normal animal shelter. That would be wrong. He deserves better!! Thanks! Laura

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