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Welcome to the NLDA Forum for Working Lacy Dogs. As the name suggests, this board is sponsored by the National Lacy Dog Association, created and maintained for those who believe in preserving and promoting the Lacy as a true working breed. Our sole commitment is to our mission statement, our supporting members and our dogs.

The rules are really very simple. Show respect for our association, website, members and visitors. Follow the Golden Rule - show respect and treat others as you would like to be treated - and you will be welcomed here. For those who need further clarification, here are a few guidelines.

1.) No profane or inappropriate posts. If it's questionable, don't post it. But remember that Lacys are working dogs. You should expect to read stories and see pictures of hunting, trapping, blood tracking and other graphic activities.

2.) Personal attacks will not be tolerated. We have a diverse membership and expect everyone to live and let live. If you can not have a mature discussion or are oversensitive to disagreement, avoid posting on controversial topics.

3.) Debate is healthy but repetitive disruption is not. We reserve the right to close or delete threads that get out of hand. Please note that topics may be closed or deleted for being inappropriate even though your individual post in that topic may have been perfectly fine, so don't take it personally.

4.) Do not use the forum for unapproved advertisements or spam. Only NLDA approved breeders can post puppies and litters for sale. Only NLDA members can post adult working dogs for sale. Dogs that need to be rescued or rehomed for a minimal fee should be posted in the appropriate section.

5.) Additional policies include:
- Any unauthorized duplication of posts or reposting of private information to outside sites is strictly prohibited.
- Any harassment in real life will result in an automatic ban. Harassment on other forums, sites, blogs, in PMs or via email may result in action here if it affects the NLDA.
- Duplicate accounts, fake accounts and accounts using proxy IPs may be deleted without notice.

Violations of these guidelines or other inappropriate activity can result in a temporary or permanent ban. We will issue a 30 day, 3 month or permanent ban depending on the situation. If you feel you have been unjustly banned, you may appeal by sending an email to an officer, BOD or To be reinstated from a temporary ban, we ask that non-members join the NLDA as a show of good faith. If you don't feel like our association deserves your support, we're sure you can find another place to post.

If you need clarification regarding what is appropriate or have a complaint, contact an officer or BOD via email or PM. Check this page for a current list of NLDA officers and BOD, You may also email

To preserve and promote the Lacy as a true working breed.

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