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Buying a Lacy puppy from an ethical breeder
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Author:  NLDA [ Sat Jul 04, 2009 5:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Buying a Lacy puppy from an ethical breeder

Though the NLDA requires all litters listed here be from registered purebred Lacys, A well-bred Lacy Dog is more than a piece of paper. Pedigree papers will give you important insights into a dog's lineage. But registration does not guarantee a puppy will look or work like a Lacy Dog should. When looking for a puppy, these are the things a buyer should expect from an ethical Lacy breeder.

1.) Breeding for working ability. An ethical breeder will be able to show you their Lacys at work. If that is not geographically possible, they will have videos or numerous photos available for potential buyers. If you want a true working Lacy, you must buy a puppy out of working parents.

2.) Breeding to standard. In addition to being proven working dogs, all parents should fit the conformation standard, It is especially important to make sure dogs are the right size, ideally 18 to 21" and 30 to 50 lbs. Dogs should not look like hounds (long ears or drooping lips) nor should they look like pit bulls (pricked ears or a squat build). Ethical breeders will only use standard dogs in their breeding program.

3.) Breeding for temperament. Lacys are tough working dogs. They should be driven, gritty and capable of getting the job done. Many are protective of their property and people. They also have a strong pack instinct and will correct other dogs. But truly aggressive dogs should never be bred. Dogs who bite people or wantonly attack other dogs have no place in a breeding program.

4.) Places puppies in working homes. Lacys can make great companions, but they are not meant to be purely pets. Ethical breeders not only breed working stock, they sell to working homes. If you don't have a real job for a Lacy, you should look at another breed.

5.) Emphasizes health and proper care. Ethical breeders only cross healthy dogs from healthy lines. They keep their dogs in a clean and healthy environment. They either feed a raw diet or quality dog food. They give their dogs the best care possible. And they will encourage potential owners to do the same.

All ethical breeders will welcome you to their home and kennel. They will let you meet the parents and prove their working ability. They will also require you prove yourself worthy of a Lacy Dog. It is vital to the preservation of the breed and the happiness of each dog that they end up in the right environment.

To ensure litters are placed in working homes, the average cost of a registered Lacy pup from an NLDA breeder is currently $350 to $450. Breeders who charge substantially more than that or who produce several litters a year are in it for profit, not to preserve and improve the breed. If you have any questions about litters, bloodlines or breeders, email

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