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Form for listing adult purebred Lacys
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Author:  NLDA [ Fri Jun 05, 2009 4:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Form for listing adult purebred Lacys

In addition to filling out their user profiles, all sellers must give a detailed description of the Lacy they are listing. These fields are not mandatory, but the following is a list of suggested information to include for dogs offered independently of a litter. Pictures are also highly encouraged.

Sex: (include if dog is altered)
Registration: (does not have to be registered but must be purebred)
Discipline: (hog hunting, herding, blood tracking, etc.)
Experience: (been on 300 hogs, started working cattle in pen, 2 successful tracking seasons, etc.)
Personality: (hyper, lazy, aggressive, submissive, etc.)
Medical History: (shots, worming, health issues, etc.)
Additional Information:
Contact Information:
Location: (may want to include distance from larger cities for reference)

Buyers, remember to do your research and follow up on details, especially when it comes to working ability. Not only will some people stretch the truth, everyone has a different definition of what a finished dog is. If you feel a seller is misrepresenting their dog, send an email to

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