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 Post Posted: Wed Jun 24, 2009 11:36 pm 
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Chris had asked in one of his posts if .88 a lb was a good price for whole chicken, so I thought I would give a few pointers on how to find raw food that you can afford. These prices will just be a guide. I know that where I live, things tend to be cheaper than in the big cities, so you may have to take that into consideration. I am happy if I can get anything around a dollar a pound. Under that is just great!!

Whole chicken will usually run around .80 to .90 a lb. You can sometimes find them cheaper and if you do, buy all that you can afford to and can store. The chicken quarters that Shannon talked about are about the cheapest food that you can find regularly. But, the whole chicken is really better, because you are getting the ratio without any problems. You have the disadvantage of having to cut it up. If I can find chicken hearts, I buy a bunch of them. They are usually around .89 a lb, but I just use them as treats as the dogs just love them. I dont buy gizzards or livers because my dogs just wont eat them.

Turkey can run from a little under a dollar a pound to somewhere a little over that. I bought a bunch of turkeys in Nov and Dec at .77 a lb. My dogs also do not like turkey liver or gizzards. I have to work some to cut them up, but I have learned where to bend the joints and I can cut thru those places real easy.

You can occasionaly find pork trimmings pretty cheap, but be careful that it isnt all fat. Pork neck bones are cheap, but they do not have enough meat on them to be worth while, unless you have been feeding something like boneless venison for a while. I got pork loin at HEB the last time I was in town for a dollar a pound. They had a limit of 2, but that was a steal even at that. Watch for pork that is the ham, but not cured. You want the raw and you can find it cheap sometimes.

Beef is harder to come by, and since my dogs arent crazy about it, I dont buy a lot of it. I can get beef hearts for $1.49 a lb and I buy a lot of them. The dogs do like the beef hearts. I watch for brisket when it is on sale. They usually will limit them when they are really cheap, but for you people who live in town, its not so hard to stop and get the limit several times. I have found the beef products like cheek meat and sweetbreads cheap, but not very often. Usually they are ludicrously expensive. I sure dont understand why!! My dogs do like beef liver and beef kidney a lot and that is what I use mainly for the organs. I did buy some intestines one time, but just once!!!

Then, you can always watch for meat that is fixing to expire. It will usually be getting stinky already, but your dogs dont care. And, it will not hurt them. The acid in their digestive tract can easily take care of any bacteria that might be growing already. I get some strange looks and the clerks will usually ask me what I'm doing with all of that nearly bad meat, but if its cheap, I buy all they have. There are certain times of day that the butchers mark meat down in the grocery stores, but I dont know any of that.

Julie and Steve got some deer meat from friends last year that was old and freezer burned. Let your hunting friends know that you will take any that they have. They are usually wanting to get rid of the old stuff right before deer season starts again.

Mike and Mis get a lot of meat from a taxidermist friend. I hit the jack pot in Feb by getting a call from a taxidermist that had an elk carcass. The big pieces of meat were taken by the hunter, but I fed my three dogs for about 4 months with what I got. It also pretty much filled up my 2 freezers!!! I still have a bunch of ribs that I give to people for their kibble fed dogs. They love them!! So, get to know a taxidermist. That will cut your cost down tremendously!! Now that I am spending money at the grocery store, I just try to remember that for several months, all the raw cost me was time to cut it up and package it!

So, there are a few basics about buying and getting meat for your dogs. There are some other ways that you can get meat cheap or free and I will post on them soon.



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