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 Post subject: puppies and raw
 Post Posted: Mon Sep 27, 2010 11:54 pm 
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Puppies are much like their adult counterparts when it comes to raw feeding. There are differences and one of them is protein. Pups need more protein because they grow at such an incredible pace. Protein contains essential amino acids which are the building blocks of the dog. Muscle meat is the source that the pup was intended to get this protein and essential amino acids from. They are in the right proportions for the rate of growth. Giving a pup meaty bones is the surest way for that pup to grow according to natures schedule.

Of course, puppies need bones as well as connective tissue such as cartilage and sinew which provide balanced minerals. The bone provides calcium, copper, iodine, iron, magnesium, zinc and manganese. As with adult dogs, you should provide a percentage of meat to bone. With pups the best way to get the right ratio of calcium and phosphorus is to give 10% to 15% edible bone in a meaty piece of raw. The pup doesnt have to eat the whole bone. What they eat will give them the proper calcium for proper bone growth. DO NOT give supplemental calcium. A pup will absorb too much calcium because they dont have the mechanism to control over absorption which will result in a calcium/phosphorus imbalance which leads to abnormal skeletal growth.

Puppies also need fat in their diet. The best way for them to get the fat is for it to come attached to the meat that they are given. It is best to trim some fat, if the piece of fat is really big. I have found that my pups have a hard time with too much fat, so I just have learned to cut it off.

Along with the meat and bones, a pup also needs organs. A pup should have a bit more organ that adults. A mix of organs should make up about 8% of the pups diet. Organs provide protein, B-complex, vitamins A and D, vitamin C. They also get essential fatty acids (EFAs), EPA, DHA and AA along with minerals such as manganese, selenium, zinc, potassium, and copper. Liver has high iron, vitamin A and B12, folate, niacin and pantothenic acid. Organs also contain a lot of phophorus and potassium and are low in calcium.

Growing puppies need nearly twice as much vitamin E as grown dogs. Vit E is found in the liver, heart, kidneys and brains, red meats in lesser amounts and lots are in eggs and fish. The essential fatty acid, DHA is plentiful in fish and organs like the brain, kidneys and liver. Do not be tempted to feed too much organ. A little fed with each meal is a good way to keep your bases covered. A whole meal of organs of just organs is a sure way to give your pup the runs. Too much organ will lead to a vit A abundance which will interfere with the vit D activity that is essential for calcium absorption, which will lead to brittle bones. I have found that my dogs, especially pups, do not like the texture of liver. Beef and deer liver are usually tolerated, but not so much chicken. You can lightly sear chicken liver in a little grease and something like Parmesan cheese and then freeze it in a ice cube tray and the dogs and pups love it.

Most people will be feeding meat that comes from animals that are fed a grain based diet. Because of this, it is a good idea to supplement with Omega 3's from fish oils. (Grass fed animals have good amounts of Omega 3's.) If you do supplement, do not use plant based oils, such as flax. The best EFA's for your pups comes from fish oils. Do not use cod liver oil, as it is high in vit A and D and you are already giving that to the pup in liver itself. You can give a pup some sardines, salmon heads or other fish to get the EFAs. Cold water fish is the best source of EFAs.

I know that all of this info sounds a little scary. 10% of this and 8% of that!! How on earth do I figure all of this. You just have to remember that a pup that is fed a raw meaty, meaty diet which comes attached to edible bone and a little organ thrown in will grow to be a healthy dog. I always go back to how the pup would be eating in the wild. That pup wouldnt be getting a perfect ratio of meat to bone and organ, but over time, it will get what it needs for proper growth.

With raw fed pups, you dont have the problem of keeping them on one particular meat for a time. Because their system is going from mothers milk to whatever nature provides, they can handle the different kinds of meats. My pups eat anything from elk to chicken and love all of it. For your own peace of mind, you can watch the pups eat and when they get to something that you are uncomfortable with, such as a round joint bone, take it away. When they get a little older, they will handle that joint bone just fine. The joint bones are soft and full of good marrow. Some raw feeders say to feed large and I certainly understand that. The pups can tear and pull and cut that meat off into bite sized pieces, but it takes them a while. I dont always have the time to sit and watch them chew forever on something, so I will cut it down. It's up to you and what you can deal with. Be prepared, they will swallow a piece of meat that you just know is too big!! They will hork it back up and chew it a bit more and then try again. They may do this a couple of times until it goes down and stays down!!

I have raised 3 litters of raw fed pups. The first litter was started on kibble as I just didnt think that a 4 month old pup could eat raw meat and bones. When the pups started stealing the raw chicken from their mother, I realized that nature was in charge, not me. The next two litters were started on raw chicken hearts and some ground beef. From there, they went on to chicken thighs, deer meat or whatever their mother was eating. The first two litters are grown, healthy and happy dogs now. Some are raw fed and some arent, but they were all started as nature intended.

One more thing- people will tell you that you dont know for sure that the pup is getting all the nutrients in the right proportions and that the dog food companies have all of this figured out. My stand, and many of you know this, is that man does not know all there is to know about animals and the things that they need to survive. They continue to prove this by marketing foods that have this or that for added benefit. If you are feeding kibble, you are feeding what some scientist thinks he knows about what a dog needs. Whether you believe that a supreme being put all life on earth, or you believe that nature has evolved on its own, dogs were meant to eat raw meat, not some man made junk in a bag.



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 Post subject: Re: puppies and raw
 Post Posted: Fri Nov 19, 2010 12:24 pm 
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Betty, you are a wonderful writer, and I love the RAW diet myself! Lone Star working Dog Assoc. would much appreciate it, if you would share some of your articles on the vets corner message forum at

I think alot of people can benefit from your wisdom on many subjects.

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