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 Post subject: chemicals and irritants
 Post Posted: Sun Oct 11, 2009 1:10 pm 
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From Mis on the breeding and genetic forum:
I`m a bleach fiend when we have pups..especially since the folks behind us just lost pups to parvo :( despite drying the floor, apparently there was enough residual to irritate the pups. :ymblushing:

I am certainly not placing any blame here on Mis, or anyone else who has had mishaps when using chemicals and poisons on their dogs. It does, however, give me a great chance to emphasize that chemicals and poisons are just what they are and they must be used with great caution. We see bleach as something that is a daily use product and never give much thought to it being a chemical.

The common household bleach is sodium hypochlorite and plain old water, usually a 5.25% solution. The fumes from chlorine bleach can irritate the lungs. It is highly corrosive and capable of damaging the skin, eyes and other membranes. Anyone who has a blond headed child that swims a lot knows what it can do to hair. In the laundry it destroys the fibers of clothing. Never use bleach with another cleanser. This can cause severe damage to the lungs. If you can smell chlorine in your house, the level is too high and is causing damage.

Another problem from using bleach is that if you wipe it up with paper towels, there are dioxins and organochlorine residues which transfer to the surface. The paper towels are nice and white because bleach was used on the wood fiber to bleach them. If you want to use bleach, it would be better to use rags that have not been bleached in the laundry to dry the bleach with.

A much safer and better solution to using bleach as a disinfectant is using vinegar or hydrogen peroxide. I did not find any info that either would kill parvo, so note that I am NOT saying to use these products to kill the parvo virus. Parvo is an extremely hard virus to kill and altho vinegar and hydrogen peroxide will kill some viruses, I would not use them alone to kill the parvo virus. But, around the house, vinegar is tough to beat as a cleanser, disinfectant, anti-viral, mirror cleaner and more. It does smell rather bad, but the smell is not damaging to the body or the environment.

I am posting this info, not to chastise ANYONE, (especially Mis), for using bleach or other poisons around their dogs, but to reaffirm my stance that chemicals are dangerous to your dogs. In another post there was info about dogs dying from different uses of ivermectin, etc. If you feel like you must use poisons on and around your dogs, know what you are using and the amounts that you should use. Understand that ALL chemicals that are capable of killing bugs are capable of killing the dog that you are trying to protect.



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 Post Posted: Sun Oct 11, 2009 2:37 pm 
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Oh Mrs. Betty I know..and I knew better..just had a laps in memory. Seems to be happening more the older I get :))
And I got all kinds of anxious about the case of parvo at the neighbors.. :(

Pups are doing good though ...but it definitely irritated their skin.

I`m glad you posted this though :)

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