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 Post subject: canola oil
 Post Posted: Thu Aug 12, 2010 6:41 pm 
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I was reading an article about canola oil and how much it is showing up in pet treats and food. While there is a lot of talk about whether canola oil is safe, it is my opinion that it is not. I had this opinion long before I read this article. I dont use it myself and if I used store bought food, I definitely would not feed food that had it in it.

In the article, they talk about canola oil being a GMO product, which is one reason to avoid it. But, the main reason that I am against it is that it just is not good for us. It is one of those things that continue to be pushed on us with the premise that it is better for us than the usual vegetable oil that most people use. This is just not the case. Canola oil is absolutely prohibited from use in infant formulas. It has been shown to cause a shorter life span in animals that it is tested on. Canola oil is also known as rape seed oil. Because the name is so ugly they use the canola name instead. Who would buy rape seed oil to use in their food? I sure wouldnt!! But, to market it, they change the name! Nice.

I cant remember all of the things that turned me against canola oil long ago, but this article just renewed my distrust of it being in dog food. If you cant use it in infant formula, why would it be safe in dog food, or even our food. Do we, or our dogs get immune to the dangers of it as we grow older? Nope. Then, add to it that GMO's have been banned in other countries, I sure done want to give it to my family, or my dogs.

On just another note, GMO canola plants are growing wild around places where it is grown. By being GMO, it is also resistant to RoundUp and other pesticides. Great, we just need more weeds growing to add to the ones that are becoming resistant to RoundUp. I just love our world today.

To read the article go to: ... trend.html



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