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NLDA recognizes NLDR as an approved Lacy Dog registry
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Author:  NLDA [ Wed Jul 29, 2009 2:08 pm ]
Post subject:  NLDA recognizes NLDR as an approved Lacy Dog registry

Though people have already begun registering their purebred adult Lacys and new Lacy litters with the National Lacy Dog Registry,, we realized we never made an official announcement about our partnership. So here it is...

The NLDA is proud to recognize the NLDR as an approved Lacy Dog registry.

Betty Leek, a member of the NLDA Board of Directors, created the NLDR "to fill the growing need for standardization, preservation and sound breeding practices in the Lacy community." An independent and privately owned entity, the NLDR is "working to support the NLDA’s mission to protect and preserve this wonderful breed through professional registration for Lacy Dogs."

Details on how to register a dog or a litter with the NLDR can be found at ... -lacy-dog/. To be granted full registration, adult dogs must have a complete pedigree, be 18 months of age and meet the NLDR standard, posted at Please contact Betty at or 325-396-2311 for more information.

National Lacy Dog Registry Mission Statement
Our mission is to promote correct conformation standards, support sound temperament and preserve the natural working ability in purebred Lacy Dogs.

To achieve this mission, we are developing a complete Lacy Dog registry. This multifaceted database stores extended pedigrees as well as performance accomplishments, health certifications, inbreeding coefficients and more.

By combining these accurate records with standardized inspections and a thorough registration process, we provide a superior experience for breeders and owners alike.

We have more announcements coming this week about registration, membership and becoming an approved NLDA breeder. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email

Author:  NLDA [ Wed Aug 05, 2009 4:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: NLDA recognizes NLDR as an approved Lacy Dog registry

Process and Fees for NLDR Registration

Breed Quality Certification
Owners are required to submit a completed Inspection Form, Breed Quality Form and three pictures for each dog to receive their certification.

To be approved as breeding stock by the NLDR, the dog must be registered as breed quality. A breed quality dog must be over 18 months of age and meet the Lacy Dog standard as set forth by the NLDR. An inspection must be done by an approved inspector, or in the case of prohibitive distance, a licensed veterinarian. Three pictures of the dog are required, one head on and a profile shot of each side. The Inspection Form and pictures should be mailed or emailed together.

Upon approval of the inspection and receipt of the forms and pictures, the NLDR will issue a Breed Quality Certificate. Along with the Breed Quality Certificate, you will receive a professional pedigree of your dogs ancestry. That pedigree will include up to seven generations if that ancestry is available.

People who own spayed/neutered Lacy Dogs can apply for Breed Quality Certification if they would like. The Breed Quality Certification is stating that a dog has passed standards and meets the criteria of the NLDR for breed quality. The process for approval is the same as that for breeding stock.

Standard Quality Certification
If the dog is not approved because of a disqualifying fault, the dog can be registered as standard quality. Standard Quality Certification will only be issued after the NLDR receives proof of the dog being spayed/neutered by a licensed veterinary. The owner will receive a Standard Quality Certification along with a seven generation pedigree.

Single Dog Registration Fees
Cost of registration for 1 to 4 dogs – $20 each
Cost of registration for 5 or more dogs – $18 each
(When submitted at the same time from the same owner.)

Litter Registration
If both the sire and the dam are registered as Breed Quality with the NLDR, breeders can submit a Litter Registration Form.

Once the NLDR receives a completed Litter Registration Form and ancestry is verified, Puppy Certifications will be mailed back to the breeder. The breeder is to fill out the form and it should accompany the pup to its new home. This form has the change of ownership information. The new owner can return the Puppy Certification to the NLDR to receive a Limited Registration Certificate and NLDR number. When the dog is 18 months old, the owner can follow the Breed Quality Certification process, returning the Limited Registration Certificate along with the required paperwork. The dog will then be approved as either Breed Quality or Standard Quality, and the dog will receive permanent registration with the NLDR.

Litter Registration Fees
Cost of litter registration – $18 per litter

For more information and to request forms, contact Betty Leek at

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