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new Lacy genetic change to watch for
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Author:  bobby wilson [ Wed Mar 23, 2011 4:44 am ]
Post subject:  new Lacy genetic change to watch for

Attention Mr. Brooks, Collier Family and the concerned public!
In the wake of some other genetic issues that have been posted, I thought it pertinent to bring to light yet another “genetic” issue. Please check your dogs for some possible “genetic developments” that I have noticed and described below.
One of the three pups (a red male named Lincoln, AKA the Red Devil, who is now 6 months old) that I purchased from you in the past few months has apparently developed what one might call some very special “genetic developments/talents”.
I will try attach a photo of this puppy (who is guilty as charged), to educate those that may not know how innocent the puppies in question may appear. Be aware that their innocent appearances are extremely distracting and will fool even the most cautious of dog owners, but be extremely careful not to fall for their cute little faces. Take note in the photo of how Lincoln appears to be giving up with his paws up and trying to appear to be in complete submission, just know it is only a trick, one of many. The photo would not attach, so use your imagination as to his cuteness.
It all started when I was home recently. The Lady (Grandmadawg) that takes care of my dogs, one of my 17 year old boys I call Squeaker (or maybe it was Spazmo, I can’t remember which one it was) and I were outside skinning some hogs from a successful day of hunting/training of my older pups and dogs, when suddenly I saw a little bit of red movement (a red flash of sorts) in the darkness. Then suddenly and without any fear of the possible retribution or trouble he could be in, Lincoln jumped out of the shadows to announce his presence to us. He thought he was pretty smart, he also thought he should help us skin the hogs, but Lincoln didn’t do us any good whatsoever, since his only contribution was to stand under our feet and lick the very hogs we were trying to clean. Grandmadawg, my son and I agreed that the most work could be accomplished by putting Lincoln in a solid aluminum dog proof crate with only quarter sized holes for breathing and a reinforced front gate, so we sadly made the arrangements for Lincoln, AKA the Red Devil, to reside in the crate for the remainder of the evening and preceded with the hog skinning. The midnight hog skinning was completed without too many major interruptions by the little Red Devil. We had no other witnesses, due to the fact that my wife and the other kids were asleep in the truck (too much fun in the course of the day I suppose). Since that fateful night I have been called back to “work” early and was not there to help in future containment of Lincoln and other projects or to be a witness to his further antics. OK, I know what you are thinking (shut up and get on with the story), but I wanted to set up the stage for the rest of my very real concern…………… back to the possible “genetic” trouble.
Grandmadawg has since installed in Lincoln’s kennel and his kennel mates’ kennel an 8’ plywood panel lining to deter him from scaling out of his kennel and exploring the new world. You might think if you had an “ordinary/regular/common” dog that would be the end of it, but nooooooooo! Lincoln, AKA the Red Devil, has developed the uncanny ability to scale even the 8’ plywood kennel lining. While, I know these Lacy dogs have very, shall we call them “SPECIAL TALENTS”, this puppy has apparently developed what can only be described as possible suction cups or sticky paws, much like that of insects that he uses to scale the 8’ plywood lining. SO, PLEASE GO OUT AND CHECK ALL YOUR LACY DOGS FOR THIS POSSIBLE “GENETIC DEVELOPMENT”. It may look like hooks, sticky rat trap boards, commercial grade suction cups or the like in place of their regular doggy pads.
Now I don’t mind having to periodically listen to Grandmadawg gripe and complain about finding Lincoln in various unauthorized places due to his “talents”, because I have a great appreciation, even seek out those type of dogs and I am especially drawn to dogs of very powerful agility and determination levels and intelligence, but I am getting a little tired of hearing Grandmadawg constantly complain about how she has found Lincoln in yet another place that he shouldn’t and isn’t authorized to be. Sometimes he is found in his neighboring kennel with a friend, sometimes gallivanting through the yard and sometimes he has surpassed at least three other fences, armed guards, 12’ cyclone fence, topped with Constantine wire and an old Scottish style alligator mote (that might be only a slight exaggeration) only to be found baying pigs in the hog containment area used for training older/larger dogs. We don’t want Lincoln in there because there are some very large and dangerous hogs in there used for training my older more experienced Lacy dogs. So, please for the safety and well being of your Lacy dog and other folk’s Lacy dogs, go and check your Lacy dogs out and verify whether or not they have this “genetic development”. You would think that I am done, but this not the end of my warning and subsequent search for others of similar “genetic developments”.
The next obvious modification to the kennel in which Lincoln resides was to add hot wire around the top of his kennel, similar to what we have for the rest of my adult dogs’ kennels. Grandmadawg has done this with only a small amount of mutterings, which can only be described as a mild growl; I have learned to deal with her muttering on a regular basis, as I have many “talented” adult Lacy dogs that require 4”x4”x6’ horse panels and a floor that is lined with the same material to keep them from digging out and a hot wire at the top to keep them from climbing out like monkeys. OK, OK, OK,………. I am not bragging, just stating the FACTS………. I am getting to the real problem at hand! I am extremely reluctant to reveal the problem, because it sounds crazy, so here it goes…………………………… Lincoln (remember he is only 6 months old) has developed (please stay with me, cause this sounds crazy), he has developed what can only be described by Grandmadawg as the ability to levitate, fly, hover, Zoom or dare I say transport his self through space as we know it and propel his self to wherever it is he wants to go! The only way that Lincoln could possibly have gotten out of his kennel at this point is through those means mentioned, because remember that Grandmadawg has gone through some pain staking efforts to build the inescapable kennel. Again, I am certainly not complaining as I have said before I highly appreciate a dog with high drive, intelligence and “special” agility to do the very job we ask of them, but this seems a little beyond what one might expect the norm of their Lacys. Please go out and check your dogs, not only for suction cups, hooks in their paws or sticky pads, but now it is of the utmost importance that you test your dogs for the ability to levitate, fly, hover or possibly transport through space as we know it. The only way that you might catch your dog in the act of this amazing “genetic” development is to put something he/she highly desires in an impossible place to achieve for normal dogs (like the roof of the hay barn), make him think you have left the property and watch from the kitchen window or some other covert area to see if your dog levitates, flies, hovers or simply vanishes before your very eyes and reappears on the roof of the hay barn. I am not saying that this new “genetic development” should be eradicated from the breed, quite the opposite, but we as responsible breeders should distribute those puppies with the aforementioned “genetic developments” only to qualified homes, that can provide the love, patience and understanding that a good dog caretaker can provide.
I am asking, no pleading with all the other Lacy owners out there, that if you think your Lacy has these and other possible “genetic developments”, Please come forward and provide us with your dogs’ pedigree and “special” talents, so that we can track this development and maintain the breeds’ integrity! If your Lacy dog has developed some other “special” talents or what some folks might consider “freak” abilities like; mind reading, eating their own weight in food, transporting themselves into your vehicle or dog box without the keys, opening locked barn doors or other fabulous and unbelievable “talents”. Please come forward with those and other developments as well. Your Lacy will not be shunned and labeled as a freak, but will be closely as possible observed for their very incredible abilities and will be appreciated by fellow Lacy caretakers like yourself. Your help and information is much appreciated, I encourage you to step forward without fear of retribution to help us in discovering all of these special Lacy dogs’ and their special abilities. Photos or video of suspected Lacys and their talents would be of grave importance for the classification of these and many other amazing abilities of the Lacy dog. I am trying to get photographic evidence of Lincoln’s (AKA “the Red Devil”) abilities, but he eludes us at every attempt.
For the rest of you “ordinary/regular/common” dog owners out there, enjoy your “ordinary/regular/common” dogs. We Lacy owners must be vigil in our quest to be only the best that we can be and we must trudge forward, have the highest level of patience and be of the utmost understanding of our extremely energetic, intelligent and talented lacy dogs. Don’t hate your “ordinary/regular/common” dog for not being a Lacy; your “ordinary/regular/common” dogs can’t help it if there has been poor breeding practices in your breed of “ordinary/regular/common” dog. Love them like you would a slow child and their many short comings in the fact that they are just “ordinary/regular/common” dogs. I am sure that I need not remind you that not all dogs are blessed with being Lacys. There is hope that one day you too can be chosen by a Lacy dog and live life to the fullest with the satisfaction that you can do any high energy job through the success of your Lacy dog, but be careful you can’t own a Lacy dog. Somewhat like a wolf, Lacy dogs must choose you, you will be their person and they will insist on having only the most challenging of jobs. If you already have been chosen by a Lacy dog and own an “ordinary/regular/common” dog at the same time, be careful not to show too much attention to your “ordinary/regular/common” dogs, because I believe Lacys have the uncanny ability to recognize when you are showing more attention to your “ordinary/regular/common” dogs, which you will do from time to time completely by accident, because you feel sorry for your “ordinary/regular/common” dog, but you will somehow be punished by your Lacys. If you must give extra time or attention to your “ordinary/regular/common” dog, take care to do this without the knowledge of your “Lacy” dog, as he/she may become jealous, which will result in serious repercussions……… Lord help us all!
A special thanks to Grandmadawg for taking care of my dogs, while I am away at “work”. Hang in their gal!... Grandmadawg does an exceptional job and has developed an appreciation for lacys and their uncanny ways and continues to put up with all the new “developments”, which are sometimes more closely described as antics of the Lacy dog. Her patience can sometimes be greatly measured by her agreeable attitude towards my relentless Lacys, which I credit to her vast experience, which is saying a lot with her extremely experienced background. She ain’t old, she is just experienced and I thought that I should clarify that. Thanks again, Grandmadawg!
In regard to Lincoln, I will do my best to make use of his normal and not so normal “talents”. I will certainly employ Grandmadawg and any other experienced Lacy dog handlers in an attempt to harness his wicked ways and develop them for the good of the hunt.
As for Mr. Brooks and the Collier Family, I will keep you informed as to possible other genetic “talents” and “developments” to watch for in these Lacy pups and all of my Lacys dogs in the future. Thank you for this pup (Lincoln) AKA the Red Devil and all the other great Lacy dogs.
Serious words of caution and wisdom brought to you
By, Bobby Wilson

Author:  AmberLowMiddleton [ Wed Mar 23, 2011 8:17 am ]
Post subject:  Re: new Lacy genetic change to watch for

:)) Bobby, I think you have too much time on your hands over there!

Author:  Betty L. [ Wed Mar 23, 2011 9:33 am ]
Post subject:  Re: new Lacy genetic change to watch for

:)) I can remember telling Grandmadawg that some lacys will get out of ANYTHING. I guess now she knows what I am talking about! :))


Author:  jim b [ Wed Mar 23, 2011 9:34 am ]
Post subject:  Re: new Lacy genetic change to watch for

Bobby i agree. :-BD :-BD

Author:  bobby wilson [ Wed Mar 23, 2011 9:46 am ]
Post subject:  Re: new Lacy genetic change to watch for

I have had a couple of old adages thrown at me since writing that, A mind is a terrible thing to waste, an idle mind is the devils workshop, etc....... I am sure some of you have heard those or others. I had lots of fun writing it, while recovering from "work". Now it's back to work I go.

Author:  Shannon C [ Wed Mar 23, 2011 1:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: new Lacy genetic change to watch for

I told you his name was Lucifer and his momma can climb up the straight side of a dog house and get out no problem. She also can jump up 6 foot with out thinking about it. When the new kennels are finished she will have a top and bottom added to her kennel.

Author:  jim b [ Wed Mar 23, 2011 3:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: new Lacy genetic change to watch for

That is why his mother and dad both need a top and a concrete floor to keep them in. As for adages i like the one Great minds think alike.

Author:  robby [ Wed Mar 23, 2011 3:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: new Lacy genetic change to watch for

Bobby, dont you know Jimmy breeds this into his dogs!! Mine doesnt go over but under whatever you put in his way. Jimmy also breeds in the neverending bladder! If you ever get to see his dog Patch at work you will know what I am talking about. I think this is why my dog Colt gets out so much....just to go pee on things!

Author:  Julie N [ Thu Mar 24, 2011 2:18 am ]
Post subject:  Re: new Lacy genetic change to watch for

Oh lord, I think I just laughed so hard I cried :))

I think anything under 8' feet is fair game for a jumping Lacy. And if they can't jump out, they'll literally climb out just like a person would, turning the panels into a rather convenient ladder. When Sadie was three months old, she could scale two baby gates stacked on top of each other. These days she'll usually stay in kennels or behind fences, but only because she knows that is expected of her. She did manage to get out of my car and jump into the bay pen in the middle of a bay competition once. And since the windows were only cracked about 2" and the doors were locked, I have no idea how she pulled that one off.

I hope it is only a matter of time before a night vision video camera gets installed at Bobby's place :)

Author:  bobby wilson [ Thu Mar 24, 2011 5:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: new Lacy genetic change to watch for

Awsome!!! So far we have a Tiger bouncers, a Houdini vehicle escape artist and the never ending bladder. Keep them coming, Those are some great "Super Dog" powers.

Author:  robby [ Thu Mar 24, 2011 8:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: new Lacy genetic change to watch for

Did you know that they can fire guns off in your truck too!! Long story but look at the bed of my truck if you ever get the chance. X_X Maybe it was more my fault? :-?

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