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Author:  Betty L. [ Fri Jan 04, 2013 1:52 pm ]
Post subject:  parvo

I have been intending to post this info since a good friend lost two pups to Parvo recently. For anyone who has pups and certainly for a breeder, you should keep this on hand.

Please note that Parvaid should not be given to pregnant animals and should not be given to cats.

The symptoms of Parvo are:

Asymptomatic - No signs seen. Common in dogs over 1 year old and vaccinated dogs.
Cardiac - This form of the disease is much less common than the intestinal form due to widespread vaccination. Severe inflammation and necrosis (cell death), of the heart muscle causes breathing difficulty and death in very young (less than 8 weeks of age) puppies. Older dogs that survive this form have scarring in the heart muscle.
Intestinal - This virus causes extreme damage to the intestinal tract, causing sloughing of the cells that line the tract. This can leave the patient open to secondary bacterial infection. Most of the affected dogs (85%) are less than one year old and between 6-20 weeks old -- before the full set of vaccinations can be given. The death rate from infection is reported to be 16-35% in this age group.*

The intestinal signs include:

Loss of appetite
Diarrhea - usually bloody, and very foul-smelling (a characteristic odor, particular to Parvovirus infection)
Intussusception - when a section of the inflamed intestinal tract telescopes into itself. This is an emergency.

The onset of clinical signs is usually sudden, often 12 hours or less. The incubation from exposure to seeing the clinical signs varies from 3 to 10 days.

A pup does not have to have all symptoms. Also, vaccinating pups does not guarantee that the pup will not come down with Parvo. If you have vaccinated your pups and these symptoms appear, it is important that you still look at Parvo being suspect.

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