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 Post subject: Canine Genes
 Post Posted: Wed Jun 12, 2013 9:42 pm 
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Canine genes - an overview

THE following list of canine genes and their effect on the host animal is arranged so that the top feature is the dominant one. If you have an unexpected result in a litter it may help you to work out why it occurred, and may enable you to add definition to an individual dog's genotype.


A solid (black dominant)
ay sable (golden)
aw grey
as saddle
at bicolour (eg black with tan points)
a solid (black recessive)

B black coat and pigment
b liver (chocolate) coat, fades pigment if bb

C colour factor
cch chinchilla
cd white (dark eyes)
cb cornaz (blue eyes)
c Albinism

D no dilution
d dilution (where black fades to blue and chocolate fades to fawn)
Em black mask

E no black mask (needed for black pigment formation in the coat)
ebr brindle
e fading of black coat to yellow

G born black but turns blue
g born black and stays black

INT lightest tan
intm intermediate tan
int darkest tan

M merle
m no merle

S solid colour (no white markings)
si Irish spotting (white on feet, chest, and around neck)
sp piebald (largely white with patches of another colour)
sw extreme white (largely white but with the odd patch over one eye or ear)

T ticking
t no ticking
NOTE: All breeds carry all these colour genes, e.g. 2 from Agouti series, 2 from black series, 2 from colour series, 2 from dilution series, etc. Dominance for each series is from top of page down. Degrees of dominance occur.

COAT LENGTH (most breeds):

H hairlessness (HH possibly lethal)
h coat

L short smooth coat
l long coated

GENERAL PHYSIQUE (generalisations):


long head
large or long ears
low set ears
wide ear leather
coarse skull
short foreface
erect ears
dark eye
normal eye
brown eyes
wire coat
short coat
curly coat
poor layback of shoulder
poorly angulated stifle
high set tail
heavy bone
deep chest
straight topline
good spring of rib
short stifle
light pigment
normal hearing
good eyesight
good eye pigment
self colour
black nose
good mouth
normal palate
normal lip
straight tail


short head
small or short ears
high set ears
narrow ear leather
fine skull
long foreface
drop or tipped ears
light eye
large bulging eye (some breeds)
blue eyes
smooth coat
long coat
straight coat
good layback of shoulder
well angulated stifle
low set tail
light bone
shallow chest
sway back
poor spring of rib
long stifle
dark pigment
night blindness
wall eyes
dudley nose
over/undershot jaw
cleft palate
hare lip
kinked or bent tail

NOTES: Black is dominant to red, red dominant to liver, brown, orange, lemon. Black is dominant to white. Dark pigment on nose, lips, eyelids and toenails is recessive to light pigment and is not associated with the dark eye.

POLYGENETIC TRAITS (% heritability):
Fertility 10-15; litter size 10-20; semen quality 15; viability10-15; 60-day body weight 40; conformational features 30-65; body length 40; chest depth 50; chest width 80; head width 35; muzzle length 50; neck circumference 40; rear pastem length (hock height) 50; hip dysplasia (depends on breed) 20-50; wither height 40-65; hunting traits (depends on breed) 10-30; nervousness 50; temperament 30-50; schutzhund testing 10; success as a guide dog 50.
NOTES: Litter size tends to be repeatable. Gestation time is highly repeatable. Increasing wither height is related to increasing body weight.

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 Post subject: Re: Canine Genes
 Post Posted: Thu Jun 13, 2013 3:26 pm 
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Great job Courtney!!

Lauri Lowry
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