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 Post Posted: Tue Sep 17, 2013 8:39 pm 

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I recently got a pup as some of you may know (wyatt) and i am a little confused. I started him on raw food ( deer meat cut into quarter sized pieces) yesterday and I am making him track for his food. He found the food perfectly fine both days, but he is not eating it very fast. He likes it but he loves his dog food a lot better so today he ate about half of the raw meat i gave him. So I gave him a second blood trail and added less than a handfull of dog food in there and he tore it right up.

How long does it take him to digest raw meat?
Should i grind up the meat to make it easier for him?
Is it okay if i keep adding a handful of dog food into his raw meat ( decreasing until ) he eventually eats all meat without any problems?

Is it okay to make him track for his food ( one good meal a day ) ??
What else does the RAW menu consist of besides meat,chicken,fish,bones,organs?


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 Post Posted: Wed Sep 18, 2013 9:23 am 
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Hey Sergio,
Try this FB page for Raw Feeding, they have lots of files, etc., with portions & % to feed.

Otherwise, I'm turning this over to Betty to answer as she's very good at it and feeds raw all the time and has more info.

.... Remember we only exposed him here and there to raw meat after weaning from Belle. So he's used to the kibble, and I don't see why tracking to a meal once a day would be a problem. I've never tried it myself but I'm actually thinking of trying it with the older dogs.

You're doing a great job with Wyatt!

Lauri Lowry
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 Post Posted: Wed Sep 18, 2013 11:11 am 
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Laurie was right in checking into the rawfeeding facebook page. There is more info there than you will be able to digest!


raw is digested pretty fast. I dont remember the exact time, but a few hours. The dogs digestive tract is very short, very acidic and designed for the dog to get all they can from their raw food. It just doesnt stay in the digestive tract very long.
Do not grind the raw, ever. My pups were eating chicken quarters, bone and all at 4 or 5 weeks.
I would ditch the kibble completely. Dogs are a lot like kids- good at manipulating their caregivers!! If he picks up on your distress that he is not eating the raw and he likes the kibble, he will continue to manipulate you. I dont advocate skipping meals completely with a pup, but if he is eating some raw, put down his meal (raw) meal for 15 minutes. If he doesnt eat it, pick it up and tell him that is all. Do not relent and give him kibble. Later on, since he is a pup, if you want, put the raw back down for him, again for 15 minutes and see if he will eat it. When he gets hungry enough, he will eat it.
Yes, he can track for his meal. There are varying opinions on feeding raw and tracking, but my opinion is that a dog can differentiate between tracking and its meals. I know of people who raise rabbits and chickens for their dogs food, but the dogs will not bother the live rabbits. Now, lacys are probably different, so I dont know. Raw feeding is a learning experience between you and your dog. You will find out what you want to do, what your dog wants and likes and it will get easy.
You can feed most any meat. Some people insist on freezing wild meat and pig will be something that you will want to freeze. Just think about what wolves eat. Their preferred meal would be elk, deer, etc. When they cant find large animals, they will eat what they can catch. Chicken, turkey, rabbits, whatever. There are wolves in the northern areas that will catch salmon. So, feed what you know that a wolf would eat. My dogs eat deer as I am processing it. If it is just a doe, the get the head and work on it for days. The brain is very good for the brain of the dogs and the eyes are good for their vision. My dogs will eat the stomach, if they can get to it after we have ditched it, but they do not eat the contents. I got parts of an elk from the taxidermist and they ate off of that for 4 months!! If the animal is an omnivore and the dog will eat it, let them. Animals like raccoons are not so good because they eat both meat and plants. The natural food of a carnivore is an animal like deer that eat the plant matter, digest it and use the plant matter that has gone to the meat and the dog gets the plant nutrients thru the deer meat. Does that make sense? Robby feeds dove, if he's not fast enough to keep Ben from eating it while he is retrieving it. :))

Read the rawfeeding stuff on the fb page and if you incur any problems, I will always be happy to help. Te ratios are important, but not so much on a daily basis. My dogs eat beef heart for several days, then will get a bony meal. I try to feed the organs when they have a bony meal. But, you will figure out how you want to do it. And, we have a lot of people here who will give you their experiences. Amber and DJ feed what they kill and the dogs eat kibble when there is no raw. Others make up meals ahead of time. So, dont worry too much and feel free to ask for help!!


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