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 Post subject: my pups
 Post Posted: Thu Oct 09, 2008 11:53 am 
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I just wanted to brag a little on my pups from this last litter. You will bear with me, I hope!

I just got an email from the man in Maryland that got one of the tri-males. He says that Blue is retreiving the frisbee and dropping it right at his feet. He also said that Blue chased his first deer yesterday, but stopped on a dime and came when Joe called him. He had Blue taught to stay and come just a couple of weeks after he got him. I know that Joe has worked very hard with him, but he has amazed me at the things that he has been able to do with the pup so early. Joe wanted a dog that would be his best buddy and he got it. Joe has said that he has never had a dog so smart and will never have another breed of dog.

A blue female went to a man in Ozona (I think). Robby and Jimmy did all of the selling on this pup, thats why I'm not real sure where the man lives. Robby said that the man takes her to work with him and that she is only the second dog that has been allowed to do that. This man was wanting a Jaq Terrier and Robby and Jimmy talked him into getting my lacy pup. The man is a father of a good friend of Robs. The guy talked to Jimmy because he is going to use her as mainly a trap line dog. I'm not sure how she is doing with hunting, but I expect that she will be a good trap line dog. She was one of the sweetest pups that I have had.

I know that all of you who have bred lacys are proud when you hear good things about your pups. When I hear things like this, it kinda erases all of the negatives of breeding and placing pups. It just makes me feel so good about the decisions that I made placing these pups.



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 Post subject: Re: my pups
 Post Posted: Mon Nov 24, 2008 5:27 pm 
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Mrs Betty

Just a little update on Jagd my red Male Lacy that we got from you :)
He is doing fantastic in the woods and is a sweetheart. Right now he is on a run chain in the back yard. We are working on getting the dogs a little more comfortable with the horses and vise versa.

Him and Ox get into it from time to time BUT it usually Ox that starts it. He isn't real sure what to make of Legend since Legend wants to jump around and lick Jagd in the face. You know how puppies are...but Jagd tries to be tolerant.

Here is pic from today (he hunted this weekend so he looks a little thin, they run their body fat off on a long hunt weekend)

This picture isnt of a snarl but rather a silly smirk he gets when he is wiggling his butt wanting to be loved on!


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