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Lacys are working dogs that need real jobs to be happy and healthy. They make dedicated and driven companions for people who can provide them with a challenging outlet. Though they have a distinct heritage, Lacys display all the typical traits of an all-purpose cur. They will instinctively hunt, herd, track, tree and bay. For serious sportsmen and ranchers in Texas, there is nothing better than a well-bred Lacy Dog.

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  Hog Hunting / BayingTemperament
Originally called Lacy Hog Dogs, this breed was created to find and gather feral pigs in the Texas Hill Country. Lacys have the perfect mix of agility, intelligence and instinct to properly work wild hogs. They make driven strike and bay dogs that are usually short to medium in range with a warm nose. Lacys are silent on track, making it easier for them to surprise their quarry, but have the stamina to stick with running pigs. Once they have a hog bayed up, Lacys are gritty enough to control it. Their compact size and nimble speed keeps them safe from sharp tusks. The instinctive skills of a well-bred Lacy were established through generations of selective breeding by working ranchers.

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  Herding Cattle & Livestock
Lacys make excellent working dogs for ranchers and cowboys. Gritty enough to handle wild cattle and smart enough to work broke cows, Lacy Dogs work in a heading style similar to Catahoulas, Blackmouths and other curs. In their original capacity as hog dogs, Lacys were expected to round up large groups of free-roaming hogs and move them. They accomplished this by aggressively taunting the feral pigs into chasing them, leading the hogs to wherever they needed to be. This "heading" style successfully translates into working a variety of livestock, but they are especially popular as cow dogs in Texas.

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  Blood Trailing Wounded Game
The trophy hunting industry continues to grow in Texas and Lacys have established themselves as excellent blood trailing dogs. Prized by modern deer hunters, they are trained to follow the smell of blood as well as microscopic scent particles eliminated from an animal's wound and inter-digital glands. Though they have a good nose, it is their intense prey drive and incredible intelligence make this breed strong trackers. They excel at problem solving and will work out the most confusing trails with a combination of ground and air scenting. If they find a live wounded deer, Lacys will bay up to keep the animal in place until help arrives.

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  Running Trap Lines
Lacys have been popular with professional trappers for decades. Trap line dogs combine the skills of hog dogs and blood trackers in one tough package. When a line is set with drag traps, Lacys have the drive to work out a scent trail to find the trapped animal. They instinctively bay up when they find the animal, alerting the trapper to its location and keeping their quarry contained. Because trapped animals often settle in protective vegetation, the dogs need to be swift and small to work in thick brush. The Lacy also has the grit and brains needed to handle dangerous predatory animals. These brave dogs will face anything that is in the trap, from a boar coon to a black bear, to please their master.

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Though still rare in the world of coon and squirrel hunting, Lacy Dogs will instinctively tree game. They have the warm nose and chop of a cur. 

For ranchers looking to keep predators and destructive critters off large properties, Lacys make good varmint dogs. They are also very territorial and protective. These traits add to their value as an all-around ranch dog. 

Because Lacy Dogs are relentless bay dogs with good tracking skills and intesity, they will work right along side hounds and cur dogs to hunt for cougar and black bear.

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  Retrieving, Search & Rescue, and More
Lacys are known for their versatility and can be trained to preform a variety of jobs. For SAR work, dogs with a strong play drive are preferred. Particularly dogs that like to fetch and will work for rewards.

Pictures of working Lacy Dogs courtesy of Jimmy Brooks, Mike and Mis Brooks, Rod Buvens, Don Comedy, Rachel Connally, Keven Currie, Cory Davidson, Chad DeSpain, Carmine and Christine Donniaquo, Courtney Farris, Jerry Gonzalez, Alan Kinn, Corey Kovar, Betty Leek, Robby Leek, Aaron Low, Scott McCullough, DJ and Amber Middleton, Julie Neumann, Brian Treadwell and Steve Williams.

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