Video Interviews with Helen Laccy Gibbs

Recorded in Burnet, TX on August 2, 2009

History of the Lacy Hog Dog: Working Dogs and the Depression
Helen Lacy Gibbs, granddaughter of George W. Lacy, talks about growing up with Lacy Hog Dogs and the vital role they played in her family's survival. Mrs. Gibbs emphasizes the importance of their work and clarifies that Lacy Dogs were not pets.

History of the Lacy Hog Dog: Origins of the Lacy Dog
Helen shares her family's history and clarifies two important facts about the origins of the Lacy Dog. 1.) The Lacy brothers started the breed in Kentucky, though it is likely they added to it in Texas. 2.) The original cross was a hound and a wolf. These facts are supported by letters and stories passed on by Helen's father, John Lacy, son of the brother most often credited with the breed's development.

History of the Lacy Hog Dog: Lacy Dog Temperament and Drive
Helen describes the original Lacy Hog Dog's personality and desire to work. She also notes that her father dubbed the canines on their Lacys to prevent them from tearing the hogs' hide and getting screw worms.

History of the Lacy Hog Dog: Blue Lacys and Red Lacys
Helen discusses the colors her family's Lacys came in. All of their dogs were solid blue or solid red. Mrs. Gibbs also makes it clear that the dogs were called Blue Lacys or Red Lacys depending on their color, that reds were never called Blue Lacys.