Herding Cattle and Livestock with Lacy Dogs

Lacys make excellent working dogs for ranchers and cowboys. Gritty enough to handle wild cattle and smart enough to work broke cows, Lacy Dogs work in a heading style similar to Catahoulas, Blackmouths and other curs. In their original capacity as hog dogs, Lacys were expected to round up large groups of free-roaming hogs and move them. They accomplished this by aggressively taunting the feral pigs into chasing them, leading the hogs to wherever they needed to be. This "heading" style successfully translates into working a variety of livestock, but they are especially popular as cow dogs in Texas.

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Blue Lacy facing a cow Lacy herding dog Blue Lacy stock dog
Going after a cow
Lacy Dogs work in a pen Lacy Dog guarding her herd Lacy Dog cooling down Lacy Dogs heading cows Blue Lacy keeps her cows in line
Lacy Dog bunching up cattle