Running Trap Lines with Lacy Dogs

Lacys have been popular with professional trappers for decades. Trap line dogs combine the skills of hog dogs and blood trackers in one tough package. When a line is set with drag traps, Lacys have the drive to work out a scent trail to find the trapped animal. They instinctively bay up when they find the animal, alerting the trapper to its location and keeping their quarry contained. Because trapped animals often settle in protective vegetation, the dogs need to be swift and small to work in thick brush. The Lacy also has the grit and brains needed to handle dangerous predatory animals. These brave dogs will face anything that is in the trap, from a boar coon to a black bear, to please their master.

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Blue Lacy puppy, future trapping star Lacy coyote dog
Lacy Dog versus coyote