Lacy Dogs Will Hunt, Herd, Track, Tree and More

Lacys are working dogs that need real jobs to be happy and healthy. They make dedicated and driven companions for people who can provide them with a challenging outlet. Though they have a distinct heritage, Lacys display all the typical traits of an all-purpose cur. They will instinctively hunt, herd, track, tree and bay. For serious sportsmen and ranchers in Texas, there is nothing better than a well-bred Lacy Dog.

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Pictures of working Lacy Dogs courtesy of Jimmy Brooks, Mike and Mis Brooks, Rod Buvens, Don Comedy, Rachel Connally, Keven Currie, Cory Davidson, Chad DeSpain, Carmine and Christine Donniaquo, Courtney Farris, Jerry Gonzalez, Alan Kinn, Corey Kovar, Betty Leek, Robby Leek, Aaron Low, Scott McCullough, DJ and Amber Middleton, Julie Neumann, Brian Treadwell and Steve Williams.