Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to maintain the integrity of the Lacy as a true working breed.

Our goal is to create and support a community of happy, healthy, functional Lacy Dogs that embody historically accurate breed standards.

We work to preserve and promote the working Lacy Dog through public education, open communication, ethical breeding and active ownership.

National Lacy Dog Association Leadership

Rod Buvens, President
Lauri Lowry, Vice President
Amber Middleton, Secretary & Treasurer
Courtney Farris, Communications and PR

NLDA members out hunting Board of Directors
Wes Mundy
Branden Bringhurst
Karen Appe Lewis

Breeders Committee
Robby Leek
DJ Middleton
Lauri Lowry

Events Committee
Courtney Farris
Lauri and Shane Lowry
Branden Bringhurst
John Wyble
Chris Merworth

Interested in serving on a committee? Email nlda@NationalLacyDog.org or contact an officer.

Contact the National Lacy Dog Association

For more information about the NLDA or Lacy Dogs, please email: nlda@NationalLacyDog.org.

Mailing address:
National Lacy Dog Association
1884 State Highway 294 West
Alto, TX 75925

Please note our mailing address changed in September 2014.