Help Us Preserve and Promote the Lacy as a True Working Breed!

Support the true blue Lacy legacy Do you believe in preserving the Lacy family legacy? Do you believe in protecting Texas history? Do you believe in promoting the Lacy as a capable hunting and herding dog? Become a member of the NLDA!

Mission Statement
Our mission is to maintain the integrity of the Lacy as a true working breed.

Our goal is to create and support a community of happy, healthy, functional Lacy Dogs that embody historically accurate breed standards.

We work to preserve and promote the working Lacy Dog through public education, open communication, ethical breeding and active ownership.

Member Benefits        Member Dues
» Apply to become an approved breeder        » Annual individual membership is $15
» Vote in the annual election        » Annual junior membership (under 18) is $5
» Run for office and serve on committees        » Annual family membership (two adults) is $25
» Participate in official NLDA events        » Lifetime individual membership is $100
» Free stud dog listing on NLDA website        » Lifetime family membership (two adults and one junior) is $200

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Note on NLDA Breeder Fees

Breeder fees are in addition to regular membership dues. Breeders must go through the

application process to be an approved NLDA breeder. Breeders pay an application fee of $25 the

first year and a reduced annual fee of $10 each year after that.

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PayPal makes it easy and safe for members to pay their dues online. New and renewing members will receive a newsletter and lacy dog window decal in the mail.

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The NLDA is an incorporated non-profit. Your membership dues go directly towards supporting our mission statement with working dog events, community service programs, historical research, online resources and more. Join the NLDA today!

If you have any questions about membership, email us at or call (830)220-4747. For more information on becoming an approved breeder, visit our Lacy Breeders section and download our application.