National Lacy Dog Association Guidelines

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The NLDA is an incorporated non-profit. Membership dues go directly towards supporting our mission statement with working dog events, community service programs, historical research, online resources and more. Join the NLDA today!

NLDA Mission Statement

Our mission is to maintain the integrity of the Lacy as a true working breed.

Our goal is to create and support a community of happy, healthy, functional Lacy Dogs that embody historically accurate breed standards.

We work to preserve and promote the working Lacy Dog through public education, open communication, ethical breeding and active ownership.

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NLDA Ethics Guidelines

All approved breeders are required to sign and submit the Lacy Breeder Code of Ethics with their application.

We encourage all prospective owners to use our ethical breeder checklist when choosing a Lacy puppy, especially if you are considering breeders who aren't approved by the NLDA.

Unethical behavior will not be tolerated by the NLDA. Complaints regarding unethical conduct are taken seriously and will be addressed in a prompt manner. If you have any concerns, please contact us immediately at or (830) 220-4747.

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