National Lacy Dog Association Projects and Partnerships

Jimmy Brooks filming Life After People

As part of our mission to preserve and promote Lacy Dogs as a working breed, the NLDA partners with prominent organizations across the country. Whether it's developing a new competitive outlet for our dogs or lending a helping hand to those is need, we are proud to support and represent the working dog community.

National Lacy Dog Registry
The National Lacy Dog Registry’s mission is to enforce correct conformation standards, support sound temperament and preserve the natural working ability in purebred Lacy Dogs. If you do plan to breed your Lacy Dog, it is recommended that you register him or her. By registering your dogs, you have access to information and resources that can assist you in breeding correctly.

Animal Research Foundation
Founded in 1947 by Tom D. Stodghill, the ARF became the first registry to recognize the Lacy Dog in 1976. In July 2009, the NLDA partnered with the ARF to reopen the original Lacy Dog stud book.

Lone Star Working Dog Association
The LSWDA is a 501(c)(7) nonprofit organization dedicated to uniting the Texas working dog world. Their mission is to promote the unique skills and inherent abilities of working dogs while educating the public and raising awareness of working dog issues. They also have a strong focus on lobbying for the rights of working dog owners in the legislature. Like the NLDA, they honor our history by working for the future, and we encourage our members to join us in supporting their cause.

Lone Star Bowhunters Association
The Lone Star Bowhunters Association (LSBA) is the only organization representing bowhunters' privileges in the State of Texas. The sole purpose of the LSBA is to unite the state's bowhunting sportspeople to work towards a common goal of preserving and promoting the sport of bowhunting in Texas.

Texas Dog Hunters Association
The TDHA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization working to promote and preserve all forms of dog hunting. A grassroots association, the TDHA represents and supports all types of hunting with dogs. Members participate in waterfowl, upland bird, feral hog, raccoon and squirrel hunting as well as tracking wounded game.

The NLDA was honored to sponsor the Largest Boar bonus at the 2009 TDHA Hunt for the Hungry. The largest charity hunt in the U.S., teams of hunters and their hog dogs donated over 28,000 pounds of pork to needy families through this contest.

Life After People on the History Channel
President Jimmy Brooks and working Lacy Dogs were featured in the episode Road to Nowhere. While most dog breeds would perish without humans, the story of the Lacy is different. A tough breed with the drive and skills to fend for themselves, Lacy Dogs would survive in a world without people.

Friends of the NLDA

The NLDA would like to thank our sponsors for their generous support of the National Lacy Dog Association. The donations we receive from individuals, corporate sponsorships, and fundraising activities help fund our organization's events and operations.