Hog Hunting and Baying with Lacy Dogs

Originally called Lacy Hog Dogs, this breed was created to find and gather feral pigs in the Texas Hill Country. Lacys have the perfect mix of agility, intelligence and instinct to properly work wild hogs. They make driven strike and bay dogs that are usually short to medium in range with a warm nose. Lacys are silent on track, making it easier for them to surprise their quarry, but have the stamina to stick with running pigs. Once they have a hog bayed up, Lacys are gritty enough to control it. Their compact size and nimble speed keeps them safe from sharp tusks. The instinctive skills of a well-bred Lacy were established through generations of selective breeding by working ranchers.

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Lacy hog dogs in action
Blue Lacy baying a boar Successful morning with Lacy Dogs Lacy Dog at a bay competition
Cream Lacy baying a hog
Lacy puppy with her first pig Lacy puppies working hogs Lacy Dogs go after a runner
Lacy hog dogs Boar bayed up in boulders
Pack of Lacy Dogs stop a swimmer